Velocity Wheels – Need Rims? Customer Service Online?

A few months back I wrote to Velocity USA asking about wheels.  My inquiry went unanswered.  Why businesses bother to run websites and post email addresses then never respond to them makes little sense to me.  But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one because I know that emails sometimes don’t make it through. In fact I get thousands a week and I’m positive I don’t see them all.  But then again I’m not selling anything.

So a few days ago I was looking at websites again because I’m in the market for a new set of wheels.  I visited VelocityUSA and noticed they have a new online store.

Here is what the Home Page says:

“Get what you want Fast. Visit the New Velocity Online Store.”  below that link is another link for “Dealers Click Here”.

So I clicked the top link and looked around and didn’t find what I needed.

======Here is my exact message=======

I’m looking for a 650C wheel set.  Light and strong under 1500g.

Front 28, Areohead, Sapim CX Ray
Back 32, Areohead OC, Sapim CX Ray

Black Rim… Silver or Black spokes and nipples

Velocity Road Hub front and rear… possible bearing upgrade.  130mm Rear Drop out.

This is for a high racer recumbent with Rim Brakes

Please Advise.


======Here is their reply=======


Are you with a bike shop?

We are a wholesaler, which means we only sell to dealers or other distributors.

Let me know and we will figure something out from there.


I have removed the employees name


So apparently you can’t really buy wheels from Velocity.  Which is okay.  I’ve always run Mavic Rims and Shimano hubs on my Mountain Bikes without a problem.  I’m looking at Chris King, DT Swiss and Phil Wood hubs now.  Sapim CX Ray spokes are probably the best you can buy.  I can get rims anywhere.  Mavic or DT Swiss will be just fine.

The lesson here Velocity is that when you offer RETAIL sales on your home page, maybe you could hire someone who understands that real people actually may try and buy something.