Recumbent Bicycles: Road, Exercise & Trikes

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The Recumbent Bikes, Trikes, and Exercise Bike put you in a smooth motion. Whether you have hip & knee replacements, nerve disorders, or health peaked try a recumbent. Stay at home or get out with friends they are comfortable and fun to ride.

We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy searching for the right machine to get the best workout. Check out each recumbent bike and pick one made to suit your fitness needs today.

What is a Recumbent Bike?

The recumbent bike is one of those machines that offer you a heart-pumping workout without being too demanding on the joints and knees. You can buy the Recumbent Exercise Bike to use standing still in the home. Alternatively, you can buy the Recumbent Road Bicycles and Recumbent Tricycles to work out on the road.

No matter which one you choose, you get a fantastic cardio workout without going to the gym. The step-through frame is accessible for all to get on while the seats comfortable for the lower back. The pedals extend in front of you for a relax pedal to burn the same amount of calories using an upright bike.

You can exercise the abs, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, calves, hip muscles, and more. Enjoy the freedom of adding upper body weight workouts while pedaling without losing your balance. The recumbent is safe and suitable for all fitness levels whether using it in the comfort of your home or out on the road.

Pick your favorite recumbent bicycle and enjoy a comfortable, natural reclined body position to reduce fatigue and eliminate muscle soreness in your upper body today. Get one today!

Recumbent Exercise Bike

The stationary recumbent bikes similar to the indoor upright exercise bike—the only difference is you can sit down and back for a comfortable workout. For a safe and relaxed way to get a fantastic workout, the recumbent exercise bike prevents lower back problems.

The recumbent position lessens the weight of parts of the body that sometimes become painful when working out. With the ergonomic and low-impact design, there is no need for leaning-over leading to back pain. There is no hard-hitting on the knees and working out the hips done naturally.

The step-through frame allows for a comfortable get on and off, and the backrest gives you a relaxed seating. Your legs extend in front of you instead of down below. The resistance is often magnetic and applied with a flywheel creating momentum making you feel as if you are on the open road cycling.

The faster you pedal it works different parts of the legs. You get different recumbent exercise bikes with programmed workouts, resistance, heart rate monitoring and so much more. The recumbent bike is favored in fitness clubs and great to use at home as well.

So order one today and take your health and fitness to the next level in the comfort of your home.

Recumbent Road Bike

There are many reasons we can give you why you should be on any bike. However, when it comes to the recumbent road bike, the reasons double up. You will not be a rebel, break the rules of the road, or depart of the get-together. The bicycle is safe with its unique appearance and low to the ground.

A fact is your rear, or lower back has no pain when riding one with the comfortable seat. You can blissfully pedal and enjoy the scenery at the same time. You will ride further without soreness or fatigue on the many available varieties. You can buy them with short-, medium-, and long-wheelbases.

Some have chopper-styled handlebars while others are placed beneath you. The seat construction varies, but all offer you an adjustment, comfort, and unparalleled support. Choosing the right recumbent depends on what you are looking for in a bicycle. Do you need one to keep fit, the best options one with a short to a medium wheelbase?

For sightseeing, you can pick one with a longer wheelbase with loads of comfort provided by the suspension. Furthermore, you can get them in foldable designs as well. The bicycle does need some skill and practice to ride as stopping, and steering is different from ordinary bikes.

No strict rules apply when riding one, and they are fast with the aerodynamic design as it eliminates wind resistance as you sit closer to the ground. Moreover, to top it all, they are even comfortable to climb up hills. There is no need for standing and pedaling. However, compared to riding a mountain bike it is slower.
Check some of the recumbent road bikes here and choose one to complete your outdoor cycling needs today.

Recumbent Trikes

The recumbent tricycle is similar to the road bike model as you sit in a laid-back position with your feet in front of you. The only difference is that it has three wheels and great for touring. You get a comfortable seat to support your back and shoulders while riding your arms comfortably at your side without adding weight compared to a traditional bike.

You sit upright and see the world roll by as you pedal away preventing neck strain — however, the recumbent trikes not made speed and low to the ground. If you do want to see further than the guard rails or hedges, you need to stand up. As the bicycle is substandard to the floor, you may feel it is unsafe, but with the unusual design, many motorists give you loads of room on the road.

Do you want to start touring the countryside? Check the Recumbent Tricycles out and start living and breathing the outdoors.

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