Schwalbe Kojak 559 x 50 (26×2) Folding Tire Review

The Schwalbe Kojak Folding 26 x 2.0  bicycle tire (Photos at end of article) has been on my mind for quite some time as the best replacement choice for the rear of my Recumbent Mid Racer in order to smooth out the ride while at the same time keeping the weight down and the rolling […]

Schwalbe Kojak Tires Where to Buy in USA

I asked myself this question several times over the past 2 months as I did search after search online for Schwalbe Kojak Tires that are actually available and in stock. And while I found a few wire bead versions in the size I was looking for 26 x 2.0 the folding version seems to be […]

Schwalbe Kojak Tires – Kojak HS 385 – 35 559 1.26 x 1.3 Folding

11600045  35-559 26 x 1.35 RaceGuard Black-Skin SpeedGrip 55-95 295g 67 90 kg 12A $54.45 Out Out Out Out. Nice tires if you could actually buy them.  Nobody has them.  So what exactly is the point in raving about a tire you can not purchase? Schwalbe does this all the time it seems.  They for […]

Video: How Schwalbe Tires are Manufactured

This video shows the manufacturing process of Schwalbe Brand Tires.  I found it quite interesting as I am constantly looking for the “Perfect Tire”.  Aren’t we all?  We want super lightweight tires that grip the road and never flat out… and of course that last for at least 5,000 miles.  I’m yet to find them […]