Sept 2015 RBS Update

Doesn't seem to be a lot going on in terms of Manufacturer Growth or Distribution. The same companies still in business seem to be hanging on but not seeing Growth in the USA.  The Trike Dealers and Manufacturers are doing better than the bike makers.

Please Note I DO I DO I DO want to know about new products and services and I DO want to list Dealers and Manufacturers.  What I don't have time to do in my life is look at Youtube Videos or anything that is not specifically related to the recumbent community.  I get lots of mail from Chinese Manufacturers telling me about some kind of widget they make.  But it's not useful to the RBS Project.

I also have a keen interest in Electric Bike Kits and conversions for Recumbent Bikes and Trikes.  I have a lot of interest in Bicycle Battery Technology and anything that reduces Electric Bicycle Weight, Increases Range, or is just plain cool.

In my opinion the Mainstream Market for cycles is still missing the point of cycling.  Cycling should be FUN!  So many riders I see look like they are experiencing pure torture. They look beat up, unhappy, tortured even.  ERGONOMICS matter in everything human.  The Human Body and especially the spine are not designed to function well on some of the road bicycles I see.  But for some reason the Bicycle Industry as a whole (And sadly Electric Bicycle Manufacturers) seem to think that upright, bent over, screeching in pain is the correct design platform.

I do check the email, but I'm often baffled by what I receive.  Things like "you might be interested in this" then a link.  What would you like me to do with that?  I'm all for looking and adding content and making changes when things are broken, but I really don't know what to do with some of the mail I receive.

And because Recumbent Bicycle Source has been around for such a long time now I get bombarded with spam mails.  And I also have a life outside of this project (Which is really just a hobby/interest of mine).  In any given week I may get 300 emails from many sources and I am forced to use email filtering and spam filtering, so there is also a chance that when you do write something I may not see it. It's very important if you want me to look at an email that you put an appropriate Title in your Email Header so it will stand out among the mass spam mails.

Have a terrific fall and many good rides.

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