Schwalbe Kojak Tires – Kojak HS 385 – 35 559 1.26 x 1.3 Folding

11600045  35-559 26 x 1.35 RaceGuard Black-Skin SpeedGrip 55-95 295g 67 90 kg 12A $54.45 Out

Out Out Out.

Nice tires if you could actually buy them.  Nobody has them.  So what exactly is the point in raving about a tire you can not purchase?

Schwalbe does this all the time it seems.  They for some reason can not keep up with Production of the tires their customers actually want.  And they seem to pay ZERO attention to the needs/wants of their customers. Crazy business model.


Reading the user comments on their site there are several 451 please requests.


Tire Availability

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 19/11/2008 – 9:27am.

When will the new folding tire sizes be available for purchase? I am specifically looking for the 50-559 folding.

Editors Note:  See the date this was submitted?  Nothing has changed.


Folding 559 discontinued?
Submitted by Schwalbe.Support on Thu, 23/10/2008 – 8:57am.

35-559 and 50-559 folding sizes are NOT discontinued.

Team Schwalbe

Editors Note:  Nice that they are not discontinued but you still can’t find anyone selling them.


I did find them at StarBikes in France… not sure if they are really in stock, but not very promising.  Pretty expensive shipping to get them to the USA.  I should point out that there are a few other places I found the Wire Bead model in stock, but what is the point in running the extra weight if you don’t have to… and I don’t have to.

Schwalbe makes a decent product, but if you can’t buy them then what’s the point?