Recumbent Sponsor Opportunity

Looking for an annual site sponsor… not looking for cash. Would like to exchange Advertising for a Recumbent Trike (With suspension and headrest) from year to year. Color, Brand, etc… not important.

Who knows what else.  We like cool stuff – tools especially.  Don’t mind doing reviews on any useful products – wheels, tires, tools, bikes, etc.  Expensive stuff like bikes we would expect to return.  Under $500 items we would expect to keep in exchange for reviewing and advertising.

Display (Banner) and Text (Article Reviews) avialable on a limited basis.

We have significant traffic (Laser Targeted), but do not wish to publish numbers publicly… lets just say it’s “significant” and in the thousands per month.  It was never our goal to be a dealer, manufacturer, or for profit site. Revenues from this site go exclusively to supporting a wicked cycling addiction 🙂

The goal of Recumbent Bicycle Source is to promote Recumbent Cycling and Recumbent Trikes to the USA Marketplace. It is not our desire to exclude any dealer or manufacturer. So we openly list anyone with a quality web presence that asks for a listing. (Please See “Getting Your Site Listed”).

Looking for year long commitment. Ads will run site wide and link directly to your desired page/pages.

Please use contact form if interested.