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You can add to this Recumbent Forums list by sending me information on active forums not already listed, including forums in Europe and other parts of the world. Sure this site is in English, but I have no problem posting links to sites in other languages.

  • BentRider Online Forums - Probably the most active Recumbent Community site. I believe the participants in this community are the most active and enthusiastic. Honestly these guys get my endorsement as one of the top spots to really get involved in Recumbent Riding.
  • Recumbent Riders International Forums - Recumbent Riders International Forum is to help riders find other recumbent riders in their own area(s) to meet up and ride with.  Offers FREE forums for any local recumbent bike groups that are interested in having a presence on the web.
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2 Responses for “Recumbent Community Talk : Bike Forums”

  1. gene says:

    Recumbent riders international is a pretty avid bunch of recumbent riders and a bunch of fun people to ride with..

  2. Richard Dominick says:

    Of all the recumbents I’ve seen, there are only few that are unique or innovative.

    Then again, how many of us can actually build a recumbent let alone replicate ones already out there? We are very small in numbers compared to the conventional world & the builders are even yet smaller in numbers.

    To the rest of the world, we are either freaks, weird or geniuses!….

    EDITORS NOTE: This is not the appropriate way to plug your site. If you want to promote yourself the appropriate way is to send me an email so I can fit you in. I looked at your site and your comment is not relevant because it is not related to the topic. You live in a very small area of Canada so one would not expect you to have seen many recumbents.

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