Recumbent Bicycle Tires

Recumbent Bike Tire Selection

Selecting the “right” tire for your recumbent bicycle or trike is essential. Don’t overlook the importance of tires! Tires are your point of contact with the road. The right tire not only helps you roll smoother and faster, but also keeps you from spilling under various weather conditions. Furthermore the right tire will also smooth out your ride giving you a much more enjoyable experience.

There is no one perfect tire… you’ll need to constantly make trade-offs in weight and performance vs durability and puncture protection. Buy the tire that suits you bike and riding style.

I recently upgraded the old Specialized Fatboy’s to Schwalbe Duranos’s as noted in the review on another part of Recumbent Bicycle Source. And while I think I may have dropped a mile or two per hour, I’m also now running tire liners for added convenience as I hate to repair flats on the road. I gave up a little speed for a lot of convenience and puncture protection… and I would do it again!

Below are links to Amazon Reviews where you can see what other people think of a particular tires. And yes Amazon is not a bike shop and there are other places to read reviews of tires, Amazon does have on thing most others do not – they seem to carry everything!

The first link with the DOT is the main link to all tires by that manufacturer, the sub links are to specific models of the tire. Enjoy!

Contiental Bicycle Tires

Continental Sport Contact

Continental Grand Prix

Continental Ultra Gatorskin

Kenda Bicycle Tires

Kenda Kwest

Maxxis Bicycle Tires

Michelin Bicycle Tires

Panaracer Bicycle Tires

Primo Bicycle Tires

Primo Comet

Primo Racer

Schwalbe Bicycle Tires

Schwalbe Big Apple

Schwalbe Durano

Schwalbe Durano Plus

Schwalbe Kojak

Schwalbe Marathon

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Schwalbe Marathon Racer

Schwalbe Marathon Winter

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme