Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

For the price, the Nautilus R614 is a great exercise bike that offers you tons of features to keep you connected with the world. You can enjoy an enjoyable workout to come back to it daily to shed some pounds. However, compared to other exercise bikes what do home users feel about using it—let us find out.


  • Users found the twenty levels of resistance a great help to use with a wide selection of workouts to lose weight and get in shape;
  • Athletes like the 22 pre-programmed workouts with the high-speed and smooth ride when working out;
  • Another highlight professionals cannot stop talking about is the heart rate monitoring found on the handlebars;
  • No matter if you are a young or old cyclist, people could not stop talking about the in-console speakers with media player input port to listen to music while cycling;
  • Professionals found connecting it to MyFitnessPal and the Nautilus Connect a breeze using the USB data functionality. It even has a media shelf to keep your exercise gear on hand;
  • Trainers found the adjustable cooling fan with three speeds outstanding and have a water bottle holder to keep you hydrated;
  • Moving the exercise bike is a breeze according to one home user with the built-in transport wheels;
  • A significant standout point for all consumers is the digital console with backlit display, Bluetooth connection, and nine profiles you can create;
  • Trainers who wanted to keep track of their heart rate could not stop talking about eight heart rate programs available, and you can custom set it as well;
  • To top it all customers are pleased with the fantastic warranty offered, especially the ten years on the frame;
  • Professional trainers found the programs such as the simulated rolling hills, ride in the park, pyramids, and more challenging for any cyclist to stay fit.


  • While most athletes like the heart rate monitoring through the grips they would have liked to be able to use it with a chest strap;
  • Most cyclists found the plastic back jabbing them and felt like someone was hitting them in the lower back;
  • According to consumers the fan is an excellent feature but not robust enough in hot conditions;
  • While it does have a helpful side grip but most small users found it difficult to get a good grip.

For an effective and high-quality machine, the Nautilus recumbent bike still comes highly recommended even with the plastic backrest. There are no significant drawbacks, and you get a bunch of helpful features to enjoy on your fitness journey. You can connect it with your media devices and has functions available found in no other exercise bike.

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