Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike

Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike Review

Another affordable stationery bike is the Goplus Magnet Recumbent model. You get manual magnetic resistance for light cardio workouts at home. You get essential features for the price and great for keeping the legs fit. When it comes to the customer reviews, people are pleased with its function.


  • Users found assembling the equipment simple as it has two main parts that connect with the middle.
  • Older people found the recumbent bike not to be too heavy and the front base has rotating caps that serve as transport wheels. Further, the caps serve as stabilizers to keep the bicycle secure.
  • The majority of customers found it does not take up to much space and suitable to use in an apartment if needed.
  • Trainers found the seat comfortable and with the vinyl structure, it makes cleaning more manageable as well.
  • People with some form of disability found the two sets of handlebars exceptional making it easier for them to get on. Further, they found the metallic pulse sensors comfortably placed to measure their heart rate.
  • Another highlight is the manual magnetic resistance system mentioned by all, as they do not need to place it close to a power source.
  • Expert riders found the dial to select the correct tension within reach and offer you eight levels of resistance.
  • The fact that it works with a belt drive comes highly recommended by users as it needs no maintenance and operates quietly.
  • The majority of consumers found pedaling with the bike comfortable as the pedals placed naturally to prevent lateral stress in the legs.
  • Seniors found the step-through frame comfortable, as there is no need of lifting the legs.


  • Tall riders found the machine uncomfortable to use as it accommodates heights of 6-feet.
  • Athletes found the flywheel on the bike lightweight and suitable for moderate pedaling and not hard workouts.
  • Only equipped with a basic exercise meter, but riders said you still get more such as the pulse reading and odometer function.
  • Another negative noted that users mentioned are the lack of bottle and tablet holder. Furthermore, it does not have a backlight for using in dark lit areas.

For a basic recumbent bike model, the Goplus offers enough resistance for you to do cardio workouts to stamina training. The bicycle is affordable and the frames adjustable with a comfortable seat and full backrest. Therefore, you can get excellent value for the money paid.

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