Electric Bike Motor Kits – What You Need to Know

Who wouldn’t want a bike motor when sitting at the bottom of a large hill?  Recumbent bikes are notoriously poor climbers.  Yes I know some are better than others, but over all having an electric hub motor on your bike can “erase” the pain of climbing the long steep hills.  But how do you know […]

Chain Reaction Cycles WARNING

Earlier this year there was a major problem with Credit Card Fraud at Chain Reaction Cycles. I recently purchased an item from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK, knowing there had been credit card issues I used Paypal. Well guess what?  Today I got a spam email (A Phishing email) trying to scam me.  And […]

Build a Head Rest for Your Recumbent Bike

About 2 years ago I decided I needed an head rest for my bike.  It’s just to reclined to ride without some kind of head and neck support.  I now ride 100% of the time with my head supported. Finding a head rest if your manufacturer doesn’t make one or if you don’t want to […]

JensonUSA Pricepoint Tree Fort Bikes Amazon eBikestop Cheapest Bike Parts

Update:  I bought some Avid Brakes from JensonUSA in July – they shipped me used/repackaged brakes and tried to pass them off as new.  That’s just pathetic.  They will never see another dollar from me. Which Bike Store Has the Cheapest Bike Parts? Don’t we all really want to know where to buy the parts […]

Recumbent Bicycle Tires

Recumbent Bike Tire Selection Selecting the “right” tire for your recumbent bicycle or trike is essential. Don’t overlook the importance of tires! Tires are your point of contact with the road. The right tire not only helps you roll smoother and faster, but also keeps you from spilling under various weather conditions. Furthermore the right […]

Bike Tires Direct aka BicylceTires.com

Same Portland Oregon company advertises online with different names.  BikeTiresDirect.com, BicycleTires.com, WesternBikeWorks.com and who knows how many more. Is it too much to ask for companies to be ethical? I had a miserable experience with them, just left a bad taste in my mouth like they were trying to trick me. Their customer service is […]

Video: How Schwalbe Tires are Manufactured

This video shows the manufacturing process of Schwalbe Brand Tires.  I found it quite interesting as I am constantly looking for the “Perfect Tire”.  Aren’t we all?  We want super lightweight tires that grip the road and never flat out… and of course that last for at least 5,000 miles.  I’m yet to find them […]

Parts and Wheels

Where to find Parts & Wheelsets for Your Recumbent List of Parts and Wheel manufacturers Aero Spoke Wheels – Aerospoke is one of the most recognized and respected names in composite wheels Alex Rims – manufacturer of bicycle rims. Bontrager Wheel Works – They are not built for recumbent bikes, but I ride these on […]