Schwalbe Kojak Tires – Kojak HS 385 – 35 559 1.26 x 1.3 Folding

11600045  35-559 26 x 1.35 RaceGuard Black-Skin SpeedGrip 55-95 295g 67 90 kg 12A $54.45 Out Out Out Out. Nice tires if you could actually buy them.  Nobody has them.  So what exactly is the point in raving about a tire you can not purchase? Schwalbe does this all the time it seems.  They for […]

Colorado Cyclist Mavic 717 with DT Swiss 240s and Revolution Spokes Wheel Build Review

The front rim on my existing wheel was beginning to separate just slightly after only 2000 miles.  This separation was resulting in loud and squeaky brakes.  So I began searching online for custom bicycle wheel builders.  The Mavic 717 with DT Swiss 240s hub was not my first choice.  In fact I originally had the […]

BikeWagon Customer Service

First off I’d like to say Thank You to Mark H. at BikeWagon for taking the time to not only reply to my questions about a Crankset and Tools, but to actually reply to each question then reply again after I sent follow up questions. This is the first Online Bicycle Store to actually respond […]

Cruz Bike Quest – Foldable Recumbent

From time to time I like to browse the manufacturer sites to see what’s new. While the Quest from Cruz Bike isn’t brand spanking new it’s new enough. Before I forget. Cruz Bike – how is the headrest design coming along? I’m always baffled by Recumbent Manufacturers that do not include Head Rests. It’s really […]