Where to buy Schwalbe Tires in USA for Best Price

Schwalbe Tires – Where to get them for the Best Price

Yes this is a Review and not just some off the wall sales pitch based on nothing.  It’s hard to find Schwalbe at a discount price in the United States.  In fact it’s hard to find certain models at all!

I’ve purchased Schwalbe tires from AE Bike, Amazon, Schwalbe Northwest and CycloCamping.

Cyclocamping – never heard of them until I did an internet search for a specific model (The new HS430 Big Apples).  They had the best price so I gave them a shot and everything worked out great.  Quick shipping and the best price at the time.  Be sure to check this site a lot if you like Schwalbe tires because they have sales on a frequent basis.  Definitely recommend them.

AE Bike – I like these guys, but they are basically just drop shippers and they have access to a limited amount of product.  Worth a look though to compare prices.

Schwalbe North America – Guaranteed to have the highest every day price.  But hey they have an exclusive on distribution in the United States, so if they don’t have it no one else is likely to have it either (Unless it’s old Stock).  The key to buying from Schwalbe USA direct is to make a list then wait for their Black Friday sale once per year.

Amazon – as much as I want to hate them, there are just times when they have what I want at a price I’m willing to pay.  But be very careful with Amazon.  Often the description and part number are not the same.  They will sometimes ship old stock especially if it’s from a 3rd party.  I don’t ever buy anything off of Amazon that they do not sell themselves.  Just too much hassle with returns with a lot of the no name vendors.  I usually use Amazon to check reviews of what other people are saying.  I didn’t link them up here because who doesn’t know how to find Amazon?

What is the most important part of your Bicycle?  The same as your car – it’s your tires.  Tires are what keeps you stuck to the ground in corners and keep you rolling over not so perfect terrain.  Yet there are still those who just don’t really understand the value in running a quality tire.  Why purchase a $4,000 bicycle then run cheap tires?  It simply makes no sense.

I’ve run just about every name brand of Tire on my bicycles over the years from Specialized, Continental, Geax, and Schwalbe and I’ve settled in now as a lifetime customer of Schwalbe.  My favorite tire is the Big Apple, but I have a Marathon “Green” on my electric bicycle.  I’ve also run the Durano and Kojak which are both very good tires in their own right.

So if you are looking for the best deal on Schwalbe in the USA give these places a try.  If you are looking for a great comfortable all around commuter it’s almost impossible to go wrong with the Big Apple!