Walz Caps Cycling Cap Review

Walz Caps is an American Manufacturer of quality cycling caps. Yes they are not only an American Company, but they actually make them right here in the United States by hand!Walz Caps are 100% USA quality. I just hope that material is made here too 🙂 That for me is a refreshing change, as I like to buy American and show support for American Business.

Walz Cycling Cap

Walz Cap – Moisture Wicking Plain White 4 Panel

White Walz Cycling Cap

Inside view of Walz Cycling Cap

I’ve not worn cycling caps in the past because I’ve always worn a helmet and it includes a small visor which in combination with my Rudy Project Sun Glasses does a nice job of keeping the sun out of my eyes. However I recently discovered bike paths which are flat and comfortable and greatly reduce the chances of my crashing (at least I hope). When I ride on the bicycle paths I don’t like to wear a helmet, but I appreciate the added visibility a visor ads to the experience. I also went on a ride recently during mid day and managed to get a nice burn across the top of my forehead. So I decided it was time to find a cycling hat/cap that would serve the sun blocking purpose the helmet provides when I ride on city streets.

For someone who has not worn a cycling cap before, and someone who actually prefers not to wear hats at all I had to do a little research. So I began looking at various cycling sites and reviews of cycling caps and came across Walz Caps. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and the Walz Caps website is clean and well constructed so I thought I might as well give them a shot.

So I shot off an email with a couple of questions and Walz responded by the next day. I thought – wow – that’s pretty good service. Unfortunately they never responded at all to my follow up email. My questions were the same type of questions one might expect – what is the best choice for keeping my head cool in the hot sun, and what are my options for adjustment, whats the difference between a 3 and a 4 panel design, etc. Again I’m not a hat/cap person and I hate anything tight on my head so I thought I’d find out before I made my purchase.

I’m a bit tired right now as I write this so I’ll cut to the chase and tell you why I chose Walz

Pros of the Walz Cycling Caps

  • American Made
  • Decent Pricing – $14.99 including shipping
  • Quality Stitching
  • Decent Shipping time (4 Days from Order to Arrival)

Cons of the Walz Cycling Caps

  • Doesn’t fit my head that great (only 2 size options)
  • Not adjustable… it either fits and you like it or it doesn’t and you don’t

Just like sunglasses… or men’s suits some people can buy “off the rack” and the fit is just fine, others like myself seldom find that off the rack is very comfortable.  The moisture wicking cap I purchased is just a bit too tight on my head, but maybe it will stretch out some.  And I purchased the large/extra large (the other option being small/medium).  This is not really a slight against Walz, most manufacturers only make a one size fits all cap.  So Walz is better in that regard.  But even so it still doesn’t quite fit me correctly for the comfort I want when riding.  I don’t want to even know it’s on.  I’ll probably try to find a nice adjustable visor and see how that works for me.  I have a collection of baseball caps with adjustable straps and some of those fit really well, and some like this cap not so well.

I’ll still wear my Walz Cap and make due until I find something I like better.  One nice plus about cycling caps if you have not worn one is you can put them under your helmet as a head warmer (Walz makes a model with ear flaps) or supposedly take advantage of the moisture wicking capability to help keep you cooler.

In summary if I were rating the model I purchased – Large/Extra Large plain white 100% moisture wicking cycling cap I would give it 4/5 stars.  I think most people will like it for what it is and I certainly can not fault the quality of the stitching and construction which is top notch. If you want a quality American Made cycling Cap then Walz might not only be your best option, it might be your only option!