Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4616

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4616 Review

The recumbent bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is a no-frills machine at an affordable price. The design is simple and fits in with any home decor. There are many talked about features from users such as the adjustable height, different fitness levels, and feedback console to name a few. Nevertheless, how well does the exercise bike work at home? Let us see what customers had to say.


  • Considering the price that most home users like, they also love the stable platform with stabilizer bars giving them the stability needed while working out. They found adjusting the rear end caps easy to use for placing the equipment on different floors.
  • Riders found to adjust the bike to accommodate their height simple by standing next to the machine moving it backwards and forwards.
  • Adjust the resistance is straightforward according to some athletes as it works with a turning knob with eight levels of resistance. The complaint is that you need to lean forward and down to use it.
  • Most entry-level riders love the resistance offered, but advanced users would have liked more resistance.
  • Another mentioned feature by customers is the quiet and smooth resistance you get when cycling.
  • Older people found the height for getting on and off comfortable enough and the straps on the pedal is a great help to keep their feet secure.
  • Furthermore, home users found the two sets of handlebars helpful as well, especially when you have a disabled person in the home.
  • Customers found the instructions and hardware for assembly included a big help as the bike comes partially assembled.
  • When it comes to the console, elderly users found it a breeze to use and the basic fitness data is easy to read on the huge screen.


  • Some people found the recumbent bike has a slight wobble when pedaling hard.
  • Tall riders found the bike uncomfortable to use, as they could not extend their legs comfortably.
  • Older people found moving the equipment difficult as it has no transport wheels and needs help to transport it.
  • Athletes found the lack of pre-set workouts and not keeping track of their data a big negative and will need to use it manually to track your fitness information.
  • Furthermore, most home users complained that it does not come with added accessories such as a device holder to use your phone and more.

For a good starter recumbent bike, the Sunny Health & Fitness equipment comes highly recommended by professional users. If you want to do more than light to moderate exercise, it is best to look at the Schwinn 270 model.

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