Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike Review

Here we have a recumbent bike with a different style. The Stamina Conversion II allows you to use it as an exercise bike or rower. You can enjoy multi-functional training to target more body muscles with one piece of equipment. Professionals recommend it for more than just a recumbent bike or rowing machine. A fact is that they said you could utilize the pulley of the cabled bar for shoulder raises and bicep curls as well. So what more has the experts who have used the machine have to say, let us see.


  • Users found the display easy to read and large enough to see the data displayed in most lighting conditions.
  • Trainers found the scan function helpful as it cycles through the workout settings and the data includes calories burned, pulse, distance, time, and speed.
  • Athletes found the construction of the fitness machine exceptional and with the low center of gravity; it keeps the equipment in place when doing intense workouts.
  • The customers love the fold up design and make it fantastic for storage. Further, it comes with casters to make moving it comfortably.
  • While some users found the seat something to get used to, it did get comfortable after using it for a while.
  • Riders found the versatility of using the machine for different exercises a big help to tone various muscles in the body from the chest, arms, to legs.
  • Another trait most users found exceptional was that the machines well packed without any missing parts. Even assembling it was not difficult as all the hardware is in the box.
  • According to different riders, the equipment adjusts easily to accommodate a height of 6.5 feet and works quietly.
  • One more talk about the function is that you do not need batteries or power to use the machine. The only part of the equipment that works with batteries is the display and not included.


  • While the Stamina Conversion II has a digital display, most users found the lack of connectivity to external devices a bummer. Monitoring on the machine is basic and covers only your current statistics.
  • Some customers with huge feet found using it in as a bike their feet bumps into the foothold of the rower.
  • Another complaint is that you will have to buy an HRM strap separate for accurately monitoring your heart rate.

With the Stamina Conversion II, you can benefit from cycling, rowing, and upper body work out. The machines affordable but does not keep track of your fitness levels, and you need to monitor it manually. The fitness machine is a great buy if you need a multifunctional piece of training equipment to use at home.

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