Rose City Recumbent Bikes Trikes Portland Oregon In Store Visit

Rose City Recumbent Cycles Portland Or In Store Visit

Thought I’d write a short note about my recent visit to Rose City Recumbent Cycles  in Portland OR on Powell Blvd.

I’ve never been there before, but I called ahead a few days prior to my visit to see what they had in Stock. I talked to “Jonathan”. Good guy, very knowledgeable and pleasant on the Telephone… and even more so in person. He said they had a Bachetta Giro 20 and a Bella both in stock, both bikes I wanted to ride.

So a few days later I got the chance to visit.

When I got there I had a little trouble finding a place to park… very limited parking and I had to walk a block or two to get there. They are on the South side of the road. Very plain looking building at ground level on the sidewalk. Very nice once you enter… and excellent displays of the bikes/trikes they sell.

The first thing I noticed was the Fat Tire Ice Trike… geez… drool worthy. But I was there to look at Bachetta. If you hit their Webisite (Rose City Recumbent Bicycles DOT com) you’ll see they carry ICE, TerraTrike, Cruz, Trident, Bachetta, Lightning, Performance, and Rans. They had mostly ICE Trikes, Cruz Bikes, and Bachetta. The website is pretty plain, but the store is really nice. There is a small area behind the store and adjacent to it that you can test ride. They had at least one representative of all the brands. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Small Shop… good guys… and it appears they do a lot more volume than one would expect. Turns out the Employees are former Coventry Cycles Employees… and have been in the Business a long time. Very knowledgeable and I felt right at home. Every time I go to a new city I try to visit a Recumbent shop if I can find one. Definitely one of my best experiences. Did I say good guys already?

Let me cut to the Chase.

The Bella was sold so I didn’t get to ride it. But I did ride the Giro 20 AT I believe with a Recurve Seat and it was a pretty good experience, but the seat wasn’t quite right for me (I’m very used to a hardshell seat). Nice bike. Next I got to ride a Lightning P38 with a custom wheel set and a FSA Crank. While not night and day the Lightning P38 was very sweet in comparison to the Giro 20. It just felt so much more responsive and I liked the seat so much more. But it’s also DOUBLE the money… and probably worth it.

Finally I got to ride a Cruzbike… just the base model (They had the faster models but I didn’t want to take up all their time). Wow… the feeling on the Cruz Bike is so different. Definitely an acquired taste and to be honest not to my liking. But that’s what they ride.

I feel like I’m writing a book report… and NO I don’t work for these guys and have never even been there… but this is one of the best Bike Shop experiences I’ve had. I can highly recommend that if you have access to Portland check them out. The P38 is something I really want now… but to be honest I think at the price point I can see myself in an ICE Trike. And for those of you who like a little help up the hills they had the Bafang Electric Kit mounted on one (I didn’t ride it) and it looked right at home on the Trike.

Hope this helps someone who wants to find a nice shop to try out a lot of great recumbent rides.

Sorry I didn’t have my camera with me so I didn’t get any photos.

Highly Recommended