Recumbent Tricycles

Who makes Recumbent Trikes?

TerraTrike Recumbent Tricycle

Note: You may want to visit the Bike Manufactures page as well, as some make both and this page is primarily listings for Trike Companies.

  • Cat Trike – aka Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles, LLC. In 2013 CatTrike introduced a new rear suspension “Road” model which is very tempting at it’s price point.  This is one sweet little Trike Company! And they really know how to showcase their product – PICTURES. High-resolution pictures of the Trike frame more than a dozen angles. KUDOS! If you are in the USA they should be on your short list. Sells through a dealer network. Orlando, Florida
  • Greenspeed – Looking to drop $5,000 to $10,000 on a trike? Need every available option? Greenspeed may just fit the bill! Sold through a worldwide dealer base – see site for more details. Australia.
  • HaseBikes – Delta Trikes that actually perform. Sure they are not the fastest trike on the block, but they are extremely versatile and easy to maneuver. Hase also manufactures a Recumbent Bicycle.  Germany.
  • Hellbent Cycles – Manufacturer of a good looking trike with a model named “Spitfire”. Austin, Texas.
  • HP Velotechnik -Is money no object for you? (Okay perhaps that’s too strong a statement, but they are on the upper end, but still attainable for true enthusiasts).  You get what you pay for right?   And if full suspension comfort is what  you want then you need only visit HP Velotechnik and ICE.  Their Gekko and Scorpion model Trikes are beautifully engineered drool worthy HPV’s.  Suspension, Folding, Quality – delivered!  Sells through a limited worldwide dealer network. Germany.
  • Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) – Well designed informative website. If you are looking for refined full suspension ICE  Trikes fits the bill.  Trike manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.
  • KMX Trikes USA – Rock Solid and relatively inexpensive KMX is making a name for itself in the mid range. These Trikes are also excellent for those considering electric conversion. Outrider Electric Trikes are based on KMX. This link is for KMX United States. Company is in England.  See also: AND
  • Outrider Trikes – Manufacturers high performance electric trikes based on KMX Carts and Astroflight RC motors. Fast, Fun! Love to see what they do in the future (suspension hint hint hint). Fletcher North Carolina
  • Redmount-HPV – As of March 2015 site says “Not in Produciton” so I have disabled the link until further notice. Family owned company designs their own custom trikes. Plenty of photographs and detailed specifications are shown on their website. UK based. Please visit site for pricing and availability. The owner of the company (Mike Allen) passed away November 2008. Unfortunately for many who may want one of these bikes they may no longer be available.
  • Sidewinder Recumbent Trikes – Sidewinder Recumbent Trikes are unique not only in that they fold, but they feature patented rear wheel steering that allows you to “spin on a dime”.  If you ride in crowded areas or share pedestrian paths this could give you a decided advantage.  Fillmore, California.
  • Stein Trikes – Manufactures a line of recumbent trikes featuring custom designed frames and suspension. You’ll find some very interesting YouTube Videos of SteinTrikes suspension in action off-road. Germany
  • Ti-Trikes – Manufactures several sizes and models of Trikes featuring lightweight Titanium Frames manufactured in the United States. Also incorporate an electric hub motor in some models. Located in South Windsor, Cconnecticut.
  • Tri Sled Human Powered Vehicles – Manufactures a line of recumbent trikes, plus an interesting looking 2 wheeler model “Grasshopper” – not to be confused with the HP Velotechnik of the same name. Australia
  • TerraTrike (Formerly WizWheelz) – Direct marketer now also sells though a Dealer Base.  TerraTrike offers a well thought out, generously spec’d line of Trikes suitable for off road and on road use Hastings, Michigan
  • Windcheetah – Jan 2018.  I do not know the Status of Windcheetah… site has been offline for quite some time.  They do have a Facebook Page but it appears to be inactive as well.  If anyone could fill me in via email that would be helpful.  United Kingdom based manufacturer, very good looking for a trike.