Recumbent Bicycle Dealers

Recumbent Bicycle Dealers (Trike Dealers too!)

Recumbent Bicycle dealers are listed Alphabetically – Geographical location is noted in description. Unfortunately here in the United States (Where I’m based) recumbent dealers are few and far between. So it may not be easy to schedule a “test ride”. In fact your nearest dealer may be hundreds of miles away.

Therefore helpful courteous dealers who understand the importance of answering Emails are no doubt rewarded. If you have a great online buying experience please let us know.

We have no affiliation with these dealers. We only show recumbent bike dealers with working websites. Listings are non-solicited and placed here as a courtesy to our visitors… If you are a dealer and want to be on the list (Or make changes to your listing) please use the Contact Tab and send us your information. We assume ZERO responsibility for your transactions. Please DO NOT ask us for advice or recommendations about these listings.

Note: The products carried by dealers can vary, and enough that I do not always keep up. So keep this in mind as you browse the list below. If you find a dead link please let me know by sending me a note from the contact page.


  • Bicycles McW – Bicycles McW – Offers all Catrike models and Accessories. In store service with some customization options including all Catrike Colors. Demo rides available. Please contact for shipping information. Located in Montreal, QC., Canada.
  • Cambie Cycles – Sells their own model, and bikes from Bacchetta, TerraTrike, and HP Velotechnik. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Urbane Cyclist – Full service dealer offering Challenge, M5, Hase, HP Velotechnic, Rans and custom built recumbents. Toronto, Ontario Canada


  • Amling’s Cycle & Fitness – Fairly large (for recumbents) Midwest USA dealer for Bacchetta, Optima, Rans, and Sun. Niles, IL.
  • AngleTech – Multi-line Dealer in Woodland Park, Colorado.
  • Basically Bicycles – Multi-line Bicycle Dealer featuring Bacchetta, Catrike, HP Velotechnik, Rans and Sun in Turner Falls, Massachusetts
  • Bent Up Cycles – I try to stay unbiased, but sometimes I can not.  Dana (The owner) is terrific.  This is definitely the place to buy and get your Bike/Trike tailored exactly to your needs. “You get what you pay for”… and with Bent Up Cycles little bit more.  Dealer & Distributor for several lines including AZUB, Velokraft, HPVelotechnik, Optima, Maxarya, Sun, Hediger, Catrike. Bentup Cycles is the owner of the well established Barcroft Brand and your only source for the highly acclaimed Carbent Ultralight Recumbent Bicycles. I can personally attest to the pure joy you’ll experience on a Carbent! Based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Bicycle Man – In business since 1969, riding and selling recumbents since 1995. Stocks a wide variety of bikes and trikes from Amtryke, Azub, Bacchetta, Catrike, Edge, Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik, Ice, Lightning, Linear, Longbikes, Maxarya, Optima, RANS, Sun, Terratrike. Encourages test rides on our low traffic roads. Alfred Station NY.
  • Bicycle One – Small family owned dealer. Bachetta, Rans, and Longbike. Gahanna, Ohio.
  • Bicycle Outfitters – Another full service shop that carries an assortment of recumbent bikes including, Catrike, Easyracers, Greenspeed, Lightning, Penninger, and Rans. Seminole, FL
  • Bikes @ Vienna – Site looks like it was made 10 years ago but it’s functional enough. Full line bicycle dealer including bents from Lightning, Rans, Barcroft (Yes Barcroft as they are located nearby), Easy Racers, Bachetta and Optima. Vienna, Virginia.
  • Coventry Cycle Works – Coventry went out of business after the owner passed away. New Shop in same location is opening called Recumbent PDX. An article in a local bike magazine said they were open so I drove to their location (Feb 4, 2015) and it’s not open yet. I knocked on the door and a worker got the “Manager” (a German Woman). The shop is on a very busy corner and I couldn’t hear her because of traffic noise, but she wouldn’t invite me just inside the door away from the noise. What I did glean was they will be selling mostly Trikes and won’t be doing much if any customization. In short she made me sorry for visiting (Very unpleasant conversation).  But they will be carrying some excellent brands so you’ll have to decide if the service meets your own expectations.  I’m not in the Northwest very often and I won’t be revisiting this Store. I went into Utah Trikes unannounced last year and my experience couldn’t have been better (Totally opposite of Today’s experience). I got the feeling the new ownership doesn’t know their Target Market and is just purchasing the shop to bank on the prior owners goodwill.  I have $5,000 set aside to buy a new bike this Spring and I can tell you who won’t be getting my money. One chance to make a first impression.  You’ll need to reach your own conclusion, but why pay full retail for off the rack when Utah Trikes can customize to your exact needs?
  • Jersey Bents – Dealer offers primarily Bacchetta and Rans along with a few mainstream bicycle manufacturers. Hamilton Square, New Jersey.
  • Mt. Airy Bicycles – Full service dealers offers Maxarya, Easy Racer, Rans, Bigcat, Penninger, Greenspeed, Linear, HPVelotechnik. Mt. Airy, Maryland.
  • Peddlers – TerraTrike, Catrike, ICE, Trident, Sun. Heath, Ohio
  • Plano Cycling – Mostly Traditional Bikes but they also carry models from Bacchetta, Rans, and Sun. Plano, Texas.
  • Power on Cycling – Dealer specializes in recumbent parts and customizing Rans, Challenge, M5 and easy tour recumbent bicycles. Want to build your own this might be a good start to selecting your components. Site is plain vanilla but fairly detailed. Plant City, Florida.
  • Recumbent Bike Riders, Inc. – Stocks a variety of name brand recumbent bikes from Bachetta, Challenge, Easy Racers, Catrike, Greenspeed, Hase Spezialrader, HP Velotechnik, Ice, KMX, LIghtning, Optima, Rans, Sidewinder, Sun, Terratrike – that’s a lot of Brands! State College, Pennsylvania.
  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster – Offers and stocks Recumbent Bikes and Trikes from Catrike, TerraTrike, RANS, HASE, Greenspeed. Actively involved with adaptive cycling (Specifically designed for those with mobility issues) in an effort to get anybody and everybody out riding…  Top End (Invacare), Berkel Bike, Petra Race Runner, and Tri Rads.  Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Ride South Recumbents, LLC – This is a nice looking well thought out site with a well represented line of recumbents and a few Fuji MTB & Roadbikes. Bacchetta, Catrike, Lightning, RANS, and Sun. Brandon, Mississippi.
  • Rocky Mountain Recumbent Bicycles – Specialty dealer offers Bacchetta, Rans, Sun, HP Velotechnik, Optima, Easy Racers, Long Bikes, and Hase. Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Rose City Recumbent Cycles – Great little Shop, Excellent Customer Service, These guys stock some great bikes and will get you Dialed in for Test Rides. Stocking Dealer for Bacchetta, Rans, Ice Trikes, TerraTrike, Lightning Cycle Dynamics, Performer, Cruz Bikes. (971) 337-5685, 3700 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon.
  • The Bike Center – Full service bicycle shop with an emphasis on Recumbent Bicycles from Bachetta, Rans, Catrike, and Sun. St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The Bike Hub – same basic design as half a dozen other sites – seems someone sold them all the same template. Barcchetta, Easy Racers, Rans, Sun. DePere, Wisconsin.
  • The Bike Rack – Click on the Recumbent Link in the navigation bar. Bacchetta, Easy Racers, Trice, Penninger, Greenspeed. St. Charles, Illinois.
  • Utah Trikes – Utah Trikes is a specialty recumbent trike shop located in Spanish Fork, Utah. We are an authorized TerraTrike Custom dealer and carry the full line of WizWheelz TerraTrikes, Big Cat HPV Catrikes, Ice Trice, Greenspeed, and KMX Karts recumbent trikes.
  • Wheelworks – Full service bicycle shop offers Bacchetta, and Sun. 3 shops in Massachusetts – Belmont (2) and Somerville.
  • Wheel & Sprocket – Another full line dealer that carries recumbent bicycles. Bents are listed by wheelbase and represented by Bacchetta, Easy Racer, Rans. Hales Corners, Wisconsin.



  • Pulsar Cycles – Optima, M5, Velocraft, Slyway and others. (No longer in Business 2017)


  • Bike Revolution – Velocraft, ZOX, Steintrikes, HP Velotechnik, Challenge and others.

Note: Because we are USA Based and not multilingual this section is a little “light” on entries.  Please if you know of Dealers in Europe with websites send us the links to their pages so we may ad them.


Still working on this and other countries.