Plano Toolbox for Bike Tools

Note: Scroll down to see photos of the Plano Toolbox after the article below.

For some time I’ve wanted to get a good toolbox for my growing collection of bicycle tools. Years ago I purchased a Plano Tackle box that I’ve used as a toolbox for household repairs. I really like the design and size, unfortunately that model has been discontinued. So after a bit of shopping and reading a lot of online reviews I decided to pull the trigger on a new Plano Model 823 toolbox. I chose to purchase this┬áPlano toolbox at Amazon because of the free super saver shipping and no sale tax. My delivered cost was $32.99 which isn’t too bad.

For me this is the perfect toolbox for my bicycle tools. The toolbox has 3 compartments for tools and two trays in the top lid for small items like screws, tube stem caps, etc.

I first loaded up the very deep bottom tray with my cleaners, extra tubes, spare cassette, lithium grease, and other large items. In the middle tray I put my bottom bracket tools, cassette remover, and similar larger items. In the top tray I placed my allen wrenches, third hand tool and smaller parts. Then of course the little items in the clear plastic top containers. Bottom line is this is a beast of a box and everything now fits! Good bye old plastic shoe boxes and bins, hello bike toolbox beast!

If you are looking for a great way to keep your tools together this is it. This is made of a rugged plastic that looks like it will last for years… my other Plano box has served me very well.

You should note that the latches are on the sides of the box. The lid and trays lift completely out of the box… I really like this I suppose others will not. The advantage is you have full access to all compartments and no real mechanical parts to break down. My only complaint if there is one is the top small parts trays do not click in very tight so that if you load them up and were to tip the box at an angle I suppose it’s possible you could knock them off the top of the box. I doubt that will happen though because I can think of no reason to carry the box at an angle. The toolbox is a dark shade of gray and I like the color.

Pictures of the Plano Toolbox I bought for My Bike Tools:

Plano Contractor Grade Toolbox Top View with area for small bike parts

Plano Toolbox Top View

Plano Contractor Grade Model 823-003

Plano Contractor Grade Toolbox Information Sticker

Bike toolbox depth of bottom container area

View of Toolbox Depth Perfect for large parts, cleaners, etc.