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Recumbent Bicycle Resources; Keep up-to-date on the Industry.

I thought about putting this list in alphabetical order so it would look “pretty”, then I thought “no” it should be in order of priority based on what is popular.  Then I decided, a page like this should just exist in random order for those with the time to browse!  I’ve also thrown in a few personal pages just because I like them.

  • Bent Rider Online – An all around excellent resource published in online magazine format. You’ll find a little bit of everything – review of bikes, buyers guide, press releases, and an excellent message boards including classifieds. We don’t pretend to be what this site is – while our focus is to compile resources into one easy-to-use convenient place (so no resource is overlooked), the good folks at Bent Rider Online are jam packed with facts, figures and opinions based on years of experience with industry movers. Highly Recommended!
  • BR Zone – BRzone is the Spanish language magazine of recumbent bicycles and tricycles. Publishes news and interviews with manufacturers and shops. BRzone is also a magazine that talks about the lifestyle of recumbent users. It’s free and their frequency is about 3 times a year.
  • Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine – “Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is the authoritative, informative and entertaining magazine for riders and enthusiasts of recumbent and tandem bicycles.” An excellent source of bike reviews and available for free at many bike shops, you can also subscribe or purchase back issues dirt cheap!
  • Recumbent Journal – (Archive Posted… but site is no longer updating).  A blog style site that has it’s own spin on what is going on in the World of Recumbent Bicycle News
  • Recumbent TV – (has been offline for awhile with a message they might be back).  This is a fun little site where you can watch videos of people riding their recumbent bikes and trikes
  • – Well organized, easy-to-read online publication with a little something for everyone – FAQ’s, Classifieds, Forums, and a great list of Club Information.
  • Road Bike Review – Although not dedicated to recumbent bicycles there is a section where users may post their own reviews of the recumbent bikes they own or have ridden.
  • Velovision Magazine – “Velo Vision magazine, covering specialised bikes, cycling as transport and human power. It’s a quarterly dose of cycle inspiration.”
  • Ligfiets Plaza – Nah I don’t speak the language either, but you can figure some of it out!
  • Phred – Site takes you to a list of related bicycling forums and link lists including
  • – Maintains a page on recumbent bikes of mostly user opinion, but a fun read nevertheless.
  • Get Bent – is part personal site, part news site. Founded by Jose Hernadez (“I met Bryan Ball in the summer of 1999 and Co-Founded BentRider Online on January 2000), it’s focus is primarily on Florida recumbent cycling. Link redirects to server space hosted by “Bicycle Spot” dealer site.

Personal Recumbent Sites

  • Sue’s Recumbent Cycling Site – Fun informative with a very positive outlook. Sue’s site addresses some of the lighter side of the recumbent movement from a true enthusiasts perspective. Contains links to some interesting articles on the health benefits of recumbent


  • Bicycle Derailleur Adjustment – I don’t adjust my derailleurs often so I’m in constant need of refresher tips each time the need occurs. I’ve been visiting this site for tips for a couple of years now. Note: Sheldon Brown passed away earlier this year but the site remains working as of Sept 2008
  • Yahoo Directory > Recumbent Bicycles – Yahoo discontinued their Directory Listings Fall 2014.  Yahoo’s list of bent cycling links – be sure to click on the “Gear and Equipment” link for more listings.