Announcement: Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

Take the Pain out of Mounting Bicycle Tires with the Tire Bead Jack

The Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack is an amazingly simple idea put into practice. This is one of those tools that you use once then wonder why you did buy it years ago! I was really amazed at just how easy tires are to mount with the Tire Bead Jack.

Get one and save your thumbs. All you do is mount the tire normally, then when you get to the last few inches you place the tool on the backside of the rim, reach the claw over the top of the tire and with a short pull back towards you the tire slides up and over the rim. And no more pinch flats as the tube doesn’t get caught under the tire bead!

The best part is this tool retails for less than $15! I couldn’t find one locally so I ordered it online. If your local bike shop has one… buy it. If not just pick it up online. This is one tool you won’t be sorry you bought. Plus it’s light enough to just throw in your bag and take with you on the road.

Tip:  Costco Sells Nitrile  Gloves in boxes of 100 for about $10.  These weigh almost nothing.  Take a few with you on the road.  When you need to replace a tire or work on your chain you don’t end up with grease all over your fingers.

The Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

My Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack