Keeping up to speed with Recumbents in 2014

Unfortunately the powers that be that dictate what happens online (i.e. Google and Microsoft) in the United States are so concerned with their own bottom lines that they completely disregard the real power of the internet - building a better planet.

Recumbent Bikes are fun, efficient, and very GREEN!  What is not green is the enormous layers of Corporate Middlemen that flood the internet with ADVERTISING.  As a result the small businessman is left in a deep dark hole trying to navigate this world of Pay for Play.  In short if you want people to find you online you had better be able to SPEND your way in.  And there are only two ways to do this.

1.  MONEY - buy a solution.

2.  TIME - invest a disproportionate amount of your time (And time is money) into your projects.

RBS is a time suck, and I do not have the money to pay someone else to do it for me.  But I'm very passionate about Recumbent Bicycles, Trikes, and Electric HPV.  So I do my best to invest what I can to help expand the acceptance (And in most cases introduction) of recumbent transportation.

I love to ride (See time above) more than I love to write, so sometimes (Most of the time actually) riding wins over writing.  Every ride I converse with cyclists that want to know more about my bike.  But I can only refer them to a few online shops and websites.  It's sad really to see all the spandex jockeys all bent over, writhing in pain, huffing and puffing, looking down at the pavement on their little diamond frame vehicles and plodding along.  The alternative to REAL CYCLING ENJOYMENT is available, but they are content with their lemming mentality.  I on the other hand like most of you really just "get it"... cycling should be fun!  And Recumbents make it fun.

So please feel free to contact me via email if you want, but keep in mind all the great ideas, additions, suggestions, you make will be taken into consideration, but probably not acted upon in a timely manner (Unless y0u are suggesting a link to a dealer or manufacturer), because working on the site isn't always my top priority - riding is!

Hope 2014 finds you in front of the computer less, and out on the bike paths more.

PS:  I am especially interested in Electric Conversions - mid drive, hub motors, and battery technology for Trikes.  I'll probably pick up a Catrike, HP, or ICE suspension model to convert sometime this year.  If that does happen, I'll for sure be writing about it.

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