JensonUSA Sucks – Shipped me Used Parts!!!


Until recently I was a long term customer of JensonUSA having made several past purchases without incident.  I am absolutely astounded at what they tried to pull on me, and the way they responded to their con. Instead of admitting their guilt, they tried to pass this off as a normal business practice. They sent me used products, blamed me, and never refunded me as promised.  Good thing they are not in the medical equipment business

The Black greasy fingerprints on the INSIDE of the box was a nice touch!


I have purchased in the past from JensonUSA without problem.

In fact about 2 weeks ago I ordered brakes for my front wheel. No problem.

I liked them so much I ordered the companion for my rear brakes. That’s where it gets ugly.

The brakes they sent for the rear were in a white generic box, they were loose in the box and missing parts.

I immediately wrote Jenson. Their response was they would just credit me for the brakes.. That would seem reasonable. I told them I did NOT want the used brakes and asked them to issue a return call tag. I told them I can afford to buy my bike parts and when I buy parts I expect them to be new parts. I did not asked to be credited, I asked for them to take their old parts back and I would buy new parts from a different vendor.

The very fact that they sent me used parts was appalling and not acceptable.

So what did Jenson have to say about this:

“It is entirely possible that our company will open a box (for example, to photograph an item). That’s still new. We also accept New-and-unused returns from consumers. Finally items from our stores could be opened to be put on display.”

Repackaged, Customer Returns, and Demos are NOT NEW!!! Pulling parts off of bikes and reselling them is not new. Apparently they believe it’s okay to send used parts to customers who pay FULL RETAIL. This was their excuse. If you had seen the way these arrived many people would have been even more upset than I was.

And sure offering to credit the full amount seems like a nice gesture doesn’t it?

But that’s not what they did. Instead I got an additional charge of $6.95 billed on my statement.

Have not heard back from Jenson about this new charge.


If you want to be treated like crap, get used stuff… then go ahead and buy from them.

For me I’m done with them. Again this is not my first purchase from Jenson, I’ve made several. And this is how they treat repeat customers.

So now I have used brakes and no refund, waiting for the payment processor to make things right.


You don’t blame your customers for your inability to operate an ethical business.