Recumbent Bicycle Source January 2018 Update

15 years or thereabouts I've been running this site. In that time I've seen a lot come and go. And while I'd love to redesign, update, change, and make this site more than it is... I do not forsee that happening. However please know I actively monitor email and do regular maintenance on this site. About 2x per month actually.

I have no plans on shutting Recumbent Bicycle Source down in the future. But the market is so stagnant (Major Bike Mfg's just don't seem to want to get on board) I believe the community of Recumbent Riders Worldwide will always be a very niche market... a market I love so I keep at it.

I will ride a Recumbent until they put me in the box... but father time is working on me as well. My bikes now contain electric motor kits to help me get out and enjoy more what youthful legs allowed me to do years ago.

Please feel free to contact me via email if you would like to report a dead link, or add your business or site I do not know of.

I am USA Based and so much of the Recumbent "World" is not. So it's difficult at times to add sites which are in other languages or Countries because those sites often time out (I live in an area with few internet providers).

Take care... and happy riding in 2018. Also much thanks to People like Bryan Ball at Bent Rider Online for his commitment to the community and I wish them continued success.

If you are looking to add an electric kit to your Recumbent I can Highly recommend Paul ate EM3EV in China and (Justin is a great guy and electric bicycle evangelist). I have purchased products from both and the service has been excellent.

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