Getting Your Site Listed

It probably wouldn’t surprise people to know we get several thousand visitors each month looking specifically for Recumbent Specific Information. Recumbent Bicycle Source  began as a personal interest site for locating Recumbent Bicycle information as a resident of the USA (Much harder than it should have been at the time) and has grown from there.

Our intention has never been to compete with any other sites – in fact just the opposite.   Our intention was to “fill the gaps” by providing links to as many legitimate Recumbent related sites as possible… to be come a resource where visitors can find manufacturers and dealers and branch out from there. If you want to read the latest bike review then you should probably head over to Bent Rider Online – that’s what I do myself. If it were not for Bent Rider Online there would be a gigantic void in the USA Recumbent Community. They do a great job and I know for fact they are not doing it for a profit, but rather out of passion. Maintaining a website and evaluating bicycles is very time consuming, if there is no passion the paltry amount of money the flows doesn’t make it worth the while. This is the same with Recumbent Bicycle Source.

Generally we’ll update our site a couple times per month… there simply isn’t time for more than that.  If time permits a review of a new product, gadget, or other bike gear my come online.  Right now we are doing a lot of research on mixing and matching road/mountain bike components.  For example:  Will 650c’s compromise the ride quality so much that it’s worth having custom 559’s built on road hubs?  What tires are available?  What SRAM and Shimano components play well together?  Should we consider compact cranks?  Why is there so much emphasis on racing gearing from the manufacturers when the bulk of riders are recreational?  The list goes on and on.  It’s crazy that in a world of back breaking uprights there seems to be so little information on the obvious alternative – Recumbents.

Getting to the Point

Several times a month an email comes in looking something like this:

I’m the owner of… blah blah blah.  Here is our site.

And that’s about it.  And that’s great… we want to grow and get information to the community.  But it’s also very short sighted and selfish.

It’s selfish because we don’t have the time to investigate every site that comes along… even if is only a couple times a month.  And by investigate we mean figure out who these people are and what they do… and how long they have been at it.  A lot of these messages are from sites that don’t actually specialize in recumbent bikes but carry them as an after thought.

Say something in your message.  What do you sell?  Do you have a service bay?  What is your unique selling proposition?  Why should people buy from you?  What is your Recumbent Experience?

And it would also be nice if you would offer to link back to us!  You know or may not know that Google uses linking as their primary way of determining site value when a user does a search.  So the more incoming links the more beneficial it is to YOUR COMPANY/BUSINESS.  The more times we are found the more chances a person in your area will come to our site and find you!  It’s really that simple!

The reason you want your business to be listed here is simple – you want to be found!  We have spent enormous energy and time developing and keeping this site active since inception years ago… and you benefit directly from that energy by being listed.

Is it too much to ask to give a little back, which benefits YOU, US, and the Recumbent Community? Place a link to us BEFORE you send your request, and then tell us something about your company, what you sell, how long you’ve been in business, and how you benefit the Recumbent Community.

On a final note.  Why people with spam protected email boxes bother to write, escapes us.  If you write and want us to respond you need to make it easy… no time to jump through hoops and play email tag.  We don’t sell email addresses, we only use them for correspondence in direct reply to questions.  So make it easy for use to get back to you.

We don’t always get emails either.  In spite of our best efforts there are times that emails slip through the cracks.  In any given week it’s not uncommon to get a collective total of several thousand emails – RBS is a very small part of that traffic.

So if you don’t get a response within a couple of weeks it means we probably didn’t see your mail.