Feb 2016 RBS Update

Time is the one commodity I seem to have less and less.  I do take a little time to keep up with what's happening, but honestly it's not a huge priority with so much on my plate.

I keep the site as up to date as time allows checking the email and visiting the site several times per month.  The back end and technical maintenance is always up to date.

There are times however when I do not see all emails for reasons which is due in large part to spam filtering.  I don't always have time to respond to emails and typically ignore emails that do not give me enough information to make a reply.  It's not uncommon to get an email and after I have replied and sent a return the email is killed by some error on the senders end.

If you are a new shop or store or promoting a product I will typically look for a social presence (Like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter) to see if a site is legitimate or at the very least making an effort to be visible.  Like it or not I feel a sense of responsibility with the visitors of the site not to steer them towards organizations or individuals that do not seem to take care of customers.  There are not a lot of places to visit a local Recumbent Shop in most parts of the United States so I DO WANT to get as many legitimate business entities listed.  If you don't appear on the site after a couple of weeks and took the time to email me then please consider a second note.

Please support your local shop and community pioneers like BentRiderOnline.


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