Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

One of the bestselling folding exercise bikes sold at an affordable price is the Exerpeutic 400XL model. A fact is you may think because it is cheap it acts the same way. The truth is there many excellent reviews on the folding recumbent bike. What makes it a fantastic fitness machine is you can stretch your legs out in front of you and down in a comfortable position. However, this is not all that customers love, read on and find out what they have to say.


  • Older people love the lightweight and folding design of the recumbent bike. For moving it around by yourself, it is easy, and you need no one helping you.
  • Even riding the exercise bike is solid without rocking according to many people. The steel frame is stable and does not flex when you workout.
  • Most riders with a length up to 6 ft 2-inches tall had no problem using the bicycle as it adjusts comfortably to accommodate your length.
  • The majority of cyclists found reaching the pedals comfortably, but some had to use pedal blocks to make it easier to grasp.
  • Setting the resistance you can do comfortably with the turning knob. According to trainers, the knobs marked for your convenience to show where you have set the strength.
  • Even the pedals provide less pressure on the knees and legs and recommended by all who have joint issues or pain to help with rehab. However, would have liked to have straps keeping their feet in place.
  • Most customers found the slight incline of the back comfortable, but you cannot adjust it.
  • Another big help mentioned by athletes is the built-in pulse sensor to monitor the heart rate.
  • As with the majority of recumbent bikes in the price range, people found the console displaying time, speed, calories burned, and more comfortable to use. The only problem is using it in dark lit areas, as it does not have a backlit screen.


  • Trainers found using the recumbent bike on uneven floors a bit of a problem because it does not have levelers.
  • Tall people above 5 foot found the bicycle on the small side to cycle.
  • Experts found the resistance suitable for low-impact exercises and not made for heavy workouts.
  • While the console offers only the basics, people would have liked it to have some pre-set programs to work out too. Further, you cannot store your profile and need to do it manually.

For moderate cardio workouts, the recumbent bikes perfect. The bicycles fold up for storage and adjust quickly to accommodate different heights. Furthermore, the bike offers you value for money and assembling it is a breeze. You get smooth resistance and works quietly without disturbing the neighbors.

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