Cruz Bike Quest – Foldable Recumbent

From time to time I like to browse the manufacturer sites to see what’s new. While the Quest from Cruz Bike isn’t brand spanking new it’s new enough.

Before I forget. Cruz Bike – how is the headrest design coming along?

I’m always baffled by Recumbent Manufacturers that do not include Head Rests. It’s really not very comfortable to be in a reclined position for any length of time without one. But from viewing videos of these bicycles I’m not sure how they would implement a headrest on most of their models.

While I realize the Cruz Bikes are still a bit more upright than most recumbents coming out of Europe – the cool looking bikes – perhaps they are on par with the American Recumbents which seem to come in two flavors – old welded together multiple 10 speed look, or the “Broomstick”. I don’t know why American Manufacturers have not embraced the artistic lines and function of the European Bikes but they haven’t.

I’ve thought about picking up a Cruz Bike just to keep along as a guest bike so people can ride with me.  One big advantage is the adjustability of the boom and in this case the upright position.  The downside for me personally beyond lack of headrest is the weight. Seems like most manufacturers don’t like to discuss weight.

I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret that I don’t know if they have realized yet.  But it seems like the Cruz Bike would be the perfect bicycle to put a cheap electric hub motor kit on.  You know the kind that are designed to replace the front wheel on a mountain bike?  The kind that do not interfere with driveline chains and cassettes?  I’ve wondered how they would perform “pushing” the bike instead of pulling it from the front. This would make any of the Cruz Bikes a cool cheap electric motor assist bike. A electric hub wheel in the rear position on a Cruz Bike obviously wouldn’t interfere at all with the drive line, and you could just hit the juice when you wanted to get up to speed quickly or do a bit of climbing.  The disc brake in this case might be a bigger benefit. The weight of the battery would likely change the ride characteristics substantially however.  And how one would mount the battery is anther issue.  But it’s a thought.

Ah back on point or finally on point my intention was to write a short blurb about the Cruz Bike Quest.  It’s pretty cool looking and it folds!  However after watching the process of folding the word CUMBERSOME kept popping into my head, along with “they better have some extra seat bolts with every order”.

You can judge for yourself if the folding feature is a benefit for your needs.

And finally some general Quest Bike Model Design Information.

I don’t know what to make of these bicycles. I like the idea that they are front wheel drive which lessons the complications of long chains, but also makes me think of them more as hybrids than recumbents. It’s nice to see an Amercian company innovating and bringing to market comfortable bikes at prices that while not dirt cheap won’t break the bank for people who seriously enjoy riding.

PS: While the Microshift front derailleur seems a good choice for recumbent bikes with twist/grip shift, I don’t think many bike people would say their group set is equivalent to Shimano 105.