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For many the quest to discover what’s out there will lead directly to recumbent bicycle manufacturer’s sites. Bicycle dealers with experience and broad lines can be few and far between for those of us not fortunate enough to live in the few hotbeds of Recumbent Bike activity.

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Recumbent Bike Manufacturers

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This is a pretty complete list of recumbent bike manufactures, however if you know of additional companies and would like us to list them here please send us the URL (Unfortunately not every company has a website).

  • Actionbent Recumbent Bike – Direct marketer of recumbent bicycles (No Dealer Base). Bikes are imported from china. Company WAS located in Redmond, Washington (A suburb of Seattle). Apparently these guys are gone, which just goes to show that quality really does speak volumes.  When people are looking for a Recumbent Bike they want something that contains quality components from SRAM and Shimano.  I’ve never been a fan of Chinese Bicycles because they simply don’t take the time to truly engineer products to specifications that result in smooth trouble free operation.
  • Azub Bike – This is the English version of the site. Azub is a Czech Republic manufacturer with dealers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Nederland, Belgium, France, Finland and Australia. You may be able to order direct as well, but if you don’t know what you are doing this could be a problem as there are import tariffs and restrictions to deal with (Not to mention the cost).
  • Bachetta Recumbent Bikes – Known for their Hi-Racers, Giro (26/20 – 406/559), Basso Ti (26/20 – 406/559), Strada (Dual 650c), Corsa (Dual 650c), and Aero Ti (Dual 650c) which is now the CarbonAero. Doesn’t appear to be any color choices other than the manufacturers stock color selections. Probably the best looking American bikes although the frames are still manufactured overseas. Would like to see an aluminum option, but the CarbonAero is pretty nice looking. Sells though dealers. St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Bent Up Cycles – Dealer & Distributor for several lines. I list them here because Carbent is using them as their sole distributor. Based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Burley Bicycles – (Only Makes Trailers and Accessories). Here is the scoop for now… The “Cooperative” was dissolved to form a Corporation, which was sold to an individual who thinks that Trailers are the way to go. Eugene, Oregon.
  • Carbent – (Currently being sold only through Bent Up Cycles). Super light weight carbon fiber – sub 20lbs. I had the opportunity to test ride this bicycle and I want one! Due to neck problems and my Doctors advise it doesn’t look like this will be happening for me, but anyone with a healthy neck that really wants to go fast should consider this bike. Carbent bicycles really are under 20lbs! It’s an amazing performance machine. If you want one order early because once the word is out it will be interesting to see if production can keep up with demand.
  • Carbon Recumbent – Manufacturers lightweight carbon recumbent bicycles in Hungary for export around the world. Bicycles can be specified with the components of your choosing. Offers a unique model called the rain rider which has a full removable fairing to keep you out of the rain while riding and also offers rear suspension. This may just be your ticket to fun winter riding in rainy climates! I’ve talked with one of their principals and these guys have real manufacturing expertise and are committed to breaking into the USA market. Click the British Flag icon on the upper right side of page to view in English.
  • Challenge-Ligfiestsen Bikes – HELLO AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS – take a look. These bikes are AWESOME looking. Pieces of Art! Why isn’t there an American manufacturer designing bikes with these aesthetics. This site is a MUST VISIT. Simply beautiful. Sure it matters how a bike performs, but it also matters why they look like. A “10” for style! NETHERLANDS. If the link doesn’t work you can also use
  • CruzBike – A unique concept for a mainstream recumbent in that the drive power is sent to the front wheels. All CruzBike models feature dual suspension with an emphasis on both performance in their class and comfort for the rider.
  • Cycle Genius – (Update:  Cycle Genius is no longer an active business, but they are looking for a Buyer).  Looking for a fun, easy to ride and dare I say “affordable” Recumbent? This may well be your ticket. Don’t make the mistake I did and jump right into the most expensive highly hyped bicycle out there (Unless you are an experienced rider, with plenty of $ to throw around). Some recumbent bicycles have a pretty steep learning curve and awkward riding position. These bikes look easy to ride. Definitely put them on your list.
  • Easy Racers LWB Bicycles – Makers of a line of fast beloved LWB Recumbent bicycles. Owned by Gardner Martin (A “legend” in the recumbent Industry) these bikes have a loyal following of very satisfied customers. Easy Racers has a history of “wins” that goes back for more than a decade in Human Powered Vehicle Racing. Freedom, CA.
  • Edge Recumbent Bicycles – March 2015, site is not loading.  According to posts on BentRiderOnline they have shut down.  The Status of the Edge E2 Trike to my understanding is this (Trike License reverts to Australian Owners who say it will be about a year before another company begins production).  Made in Tennessee, USA.  Edge states  “In 2008 we acquired the inventory, tooling and model names from a well known recumbent manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.”  So if you remember the Burley bikes it appears these are newer versions of the Burley designs which is a good thing… Burley made some nice affordable bikes. These bikes are clearly spec’d to meet a price point, hopefully Edge will make a frame kit option for people who want to lighten the load.
  • Flevobike – Flevobike is a Nederlands based manufacturer that offers some very interesting and innovative model. Take for example their “Green Machine” which is the only Recumbent I’ve ever seen that features a fully enclosed drive train using the Rohloff Speed-hub. Their Orca velomobile is another interesting HPV ideally suited to long flat terrain.
  • HP Velotechnik -Okay so maybe I’m biased. The Germans build beautiful cars and beautiful bikes. Maybe they are the best in the world, maybe they aren’t. Beauty if subjective. But to my eyes these bikes have Style! Starting with the “Spirit”, “Street Machine”, “Speed Machine”, stunning “Grasshopper”, and affordable “Wavey”. Yeah they may be a little heavy, they may not even be the fastest in their class, but if style and comfort are big on your agenda, then this is a “must visit”. Sells through a limited worldwide dealer network. Germany.
  • Lightfoot Cycles – Closed their Doors August 2015.  There is an “opportunist” using their domain name but I have no idea who they are.  American made recumbent bicycles, tricycles and hpv’s. Conner, Montana
  • Linear Recumbent – USA manufacturer designs, tests and produces their own line of aluminum SWB and LWB recumbent bikes. SWB “Roadster” available with USS or OSS, LWB “Limo” available with USS only. SWB “Minear” OSS or USS fits riders down to ~4’11”. Folding models of all 3 available spring 2015.
  • Longbikes – Manufacturers long wheel base recumbent bikes and tandem recumbents with model names “Eliminator” and “Slipstream”. Sells through a nationwide (Apparently USA Only) dealer network. Lakewood, Colorado.
  • Maxarya Bikes – Good looking website, interesting looking bikes. Sells through dealer network. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Metabikes USA – Great News as of Januargy 2018 you can now purchase Metabikes from USA Dealers. Please visit this link and click on Contact for a list of Dealers and more information. While I have not ridden one of their bikes I’ve been a long time fan of the look and design.
  • M5 Ligfietsen – Buyer Beware! My own experience with the owner “Bram” was not good to say the least. I have received emails from other very unhappy M5 owners. I don’t know what else to tell you. These are good looking bikes, way heavier than they are spec’d on the website. the quality of the components is okay (You would expect a higher end component set on an expensive bike), and the frames are well built. But you can probably do a lot better. If you want a performance bent try Carbent!

Unsolicited Email Sent to me September 2008… 4 years after I bought my bike.

Hi, I live in Switzerland and ride a shock proof 559.
I just bought direct from M5 one carbon seat… The real piece of crap!
I posted information on the french user forum about recumbents
Here is a link to show the M5 “ultralight” carbon crap seat.
(here is the seat brand new, the first tree pictures on the first post)

Here the crap carbon ultrashitylight M5 seat after only 4KM¨!!!!

I received the seat with the exact same look as you can see in the photos, mountend on my sp559 and rided for 4km, than it was broken…

People should know to be very very careful with M5 products
Is better to buy a High Racer from Taiwan “” than M5.
I’m really pissed-off with mr.Bram

  • Nazca Ligfietsen – Nazca is a Nederlands based manufacturer of Recumbent Bicycles that offering a wide selection of attractive models. These models may be too well appointed for those of you looking to ride in hilly terrain at high speed, but if cruising or touring in comfort is your game… check them out.
  • Optima Cycles – I believe Optima now only manufactures a limited line of Upright Bikes.  I leave the link up for those wishing to contact them who have existing bikes.  Old info from here on…Why are so many great looking bikes coming out of the Netherlands? Who knows? But hopefully others will follow suit. Models include “Baron”, “Cobra”, “Condor”, “Dolphin”, “Dragon”, “Hopper”, “Lynxx”, “Orca”, “Rider” and “Stinger”. Netherlands.
  • Rainbow Ligfietsen – Nederlands based manufacturer offers four models of under seat steering Recumbent Bicycles.
  • Rans Bikes – For those who don’t know Rans Bikes has changed hands, but will still be manufacturing all the models as before.  I’ve always admired Rans and had hoped they would one day introduce suspension to their line up.  Who knows what the future will hold now? One of the better known American Manufactures featuring popular models like the Stratus and Rocket.  They also make some really cool looking “Crank Forward” bikes.  Montezuma Kansas.
  • RaptoBike – Created by a Dutch Company as a startup in January 2006.  Offering Front Wheel Drive low and mid racer recumbent bicycles.
  • Slyway – Good looking bikes manufactured in Italy.
  • TerraCycle – Part Manufacturer, part dealer. Makes their own line of hand crafted bicycles and parts. Resells parts and accessories for other brands. Portland, OR.
  • Toxy Recumbent Bicycles – I don’t know why the German & Netherlands manufacturers seem to have such a good handle on the “curb appeal” factor, but they do. Another case in point. Germany.
  • Troytech Speed Bikes Recumbent Bicycles – I don’t know what happened to these Bikes. So you have a little or a lot of extra cash burning a hole in your designer pocket?  Want to own (Arguably) the coolest looking bike on your block, your neighborhood, your city… maybe even your State?  Then the Torytech Speed Bike is exactly what you are looking to own!  You just have to see for yourself. Munich Germany.  Use Google Translate to read in English or other language.
  • Varna Hand Cycles – Canadian Manufacturer (British Columbia) offers a variety of interesting bicycles focusing on a line of “Hand Cycles”. I don’t know if these are truly bents, but this site is definitely worth the visit if only to learn about the different cycling alternatives.
  • Velocraft – has been offline for some time.  Status? Carbon Fiber Recumbents. If you want light weight and low to the ground racers you may just need to find (or travel to) a dealer near you. The VK3 looks like the kind of bike an affluent bent enthusiast would like to have in their stable. And you could probably ride this one on the street.
  • Volae Recumbents – Volae, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hostel Shoppe – Bikes are built to design specs by Waterford Precision Cyles in Waterford, Wisconsin.
  • ZOX Recumbent Bikes – Manufactures their own line and reseller for a few other brands. Erlangen, Germany.

Recumbent Bicycle Dealers

Recumbent Bicycle Dealers (Trike Dealers too!)

Recumbent Bicycle dealers are listed Alphabetically – Geographical location is noted in description. Unfortunately here in the United States (Where I’m based) recumbent dealers are few and far between. So it may not be easy to schedule a “test ride”. In fact your nearest dealer may be hundreds of miles away.

Therefore helpful courteous dealers who understand the importance of answering Emails are no doubt rewarded. If you have a great online buying experience please let us know.

We have no affiliation with these dealers. We only show recumbent bike dealers with working websites. Listings are non-solicited and placed here as a courtesy to our visitors… If you are a dealer and want to be on the list (Or make changes to your listing) please use the Contact Tab and send us your information. We assume ZERO responsibility for your transactions. Please DO NOT ask us for advice or recommendations about these listings.

Note: The products carried by dealers can vary, and enough that I do not always keep up. So keep this in mind as you browse the list below. If you find a dead link please let me know by sending me a note from the contact page.


  • Bicycles McW – Bicycles McW – Offers all Catrike models and Accessories. In store service with some customization options including all Catrike Colors. Demo rides available. Please contact for shipping information. Located in Montreal, QC., Canada.
  • Cambie Cycles – Sells their own model, and bikes from Bacchetta, TerraTrike, and HP Velotechnik. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Urbane Cyclist – Full service dealer offering Challenge, M5, Hase, HP Velotechnic, Rans and custom built recumbents. Toronto, Ontario Canada


  • Amling’s Cycle & Fitness – Fairly large (for recumbents) Midwest USA dealer for Bacchetta, Optima, Rans, and Sun. Niles, IL.
  • AngleTech – Multi-line Dealer in Woodland Park, Colorado.
  • Basically Bicycles – Multi-line Bicycle Dealer featuring Bacchetta, Catrike, HP Velotechnik, Rans and Sun in Turner Falls, Massachusetts
  • Bent Up Cycles – I try to stay unbiased, but sometimes I can not.  Dana (The owner) is terrific.  This is definitely the place to buy and get your Bike/Trike tailored exactly to your needs. “You get what you pay for”… and with Bent Up Cycles little bit more.  Dealer & Distributor for several lines including AZUB, Velokraft, HPVelotechnik, Optima, Maxarya, Sun, Hediger, Catrike. Bentup Cycles is the owner of the well established Barcroft Brand and your only source for the highly acclaimed Carbent Ultralight Recumbent Bicycles. I can personally attest to the pure joy you’ll experience on a Carbent! Based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Bicycle Man – In business since 1969, riding and selling recumbents since 1995. Stocks a wide variety of bikes and trikes from Amtryke, Azub, Bacchetta, Catrike, Edge, Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik, Ice, Lightning, Linear, Longbikes, Maxarya, Optima, RANS, Sun, Terratrike. Encourages test rides on our low traffic roads. Alfred Station NY.
  • Bicycle One – Small family owned dealer. Bachetta, Rans, and Longbike. Gahanna, Ohio.
  • Bicycle Outfitters – Another full service shop that carries an assortment of recumbent bikes including, Catrike, Easyracers, Greenspeed, Lightning, Penninger, and Rans. Seminole, FL
  • Bikes @ Vienna – Site looks like it was made 10 years ago but it’s functional enough. Full line bicycle dealer including bents from Lightning, Rans, Barcroft (Yes Barcroft as they are located nearby), Easy Racers, Bachetta and Optima. Vienna, Virginia.
  • Coventry Cycle Works – Coventry went out of business after the owner passed away. New Shop in same location is opening called Recumbent PDX. An article in a local bike magazine said they were open so I drove to their location (Feb 4, 2015) and it’s not open yet. I knocked on the door and a worker got the “Manager” (a German Woman). The shop is on a very busy corner and I couldn’t hear her because of traffic noise, but she wouldn’t invite me just inside the door away from the noise. What I did glean was they will be selling mostly Trikes and won’t be doing much if any customization. In short she made me sorry for visiting (Very unpleasant conversation).  But they will be carrying some excellent brands so you’ll have to decide if the service meets your own expectations.  I’m not in the Northwest very often and I won’t be revisiting this Store. I went into Utah Trikes unannounced last year and my experience couldn’t have been better (Totally opposite of Today’s experience). I got the feeling the new ownership doesn’t know their Target Market and is just purchasing the shop to bank on the prior owners goodwill.  I have $5,000 set aside to buy a new bike this Spring and I can tell you who won’t be getting my money. One chance to make a first impression.  You’ll need to reach your own conclusion, but why pay full retail for off the rack when Utah Trikes can customize to your exact needs?
  • Jersey Bents – Dealer offers primarily Bacchetta and Rans along with a few mainstream bicycle manufacturers. Hamilton Square, New Jersey.
  • Mt. Airy Bicycles – Full service dealers offers Maxarya, Easy Racer, Rans, Bigcat, Penninger, Greenspeed, Linear, HPVelotechnik. Mt. Airy, Maryland.
  • Peddlers – TerraTrike, Catrike, ICE, Trident, Sun. Heath, Ohio
  • Plano Cycling – Mostly Traditional Bikes but they also carry models from Bacchetta, Rans, and Sun. Plano, Texas.
  • Power on Cycling – Dealer specializes in recumbent parts and customizing Rans, Challenge, M5 and easy tour recumbent bicycles. Want to build your own this might be a good start to selecting your components. Site is plain vanilla but fairly detailed. Plant City, Florida.
  • Recumbent Bike Riders, Inc. – Stocks a variety of name brand recumbent bikes from Bachetta, Challenge, Easy Racers, Catrike, Greenspeed, Hase Spezialrader, HP Velotechnik, Ice, KMX, LIghtning, Optima, Rans, Sidewinder, Sun, Terratrike – that’s a lot of Brands! State College, Pennsylvania.
  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster – Offers and stocks Recumbent Bikes and Trikes from Catrike, TerraTrike, RANS, HASE, Greenspeed. Actively involved with adaptive cycling (Specifically designed for those with mobility issues) in an effort to get anybody and everybody out riding…  Top End (Invacare), Berkel Bike, Petra Race Runner, and Tri Rads.  Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Ride South Recumbents, LLC – This is a nice looking well thought out site with a well represented line of recumbents and a few Fuji MTB & Roadbikes. Bacchetta, Catrike, Lightning, RANS, and Sun. Brandon, Mississippi.
  • Rocky Mountain Recumbent Bicycles – Specialty dealer offers Bacchetta, Rans, Sun, HP Velotechnik, Optima, Easy Racers, Long Bikes, and Hase. Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Rose City Recumbent Cycles – Great little Shop, Excellent Customer Service, These guys stock some great bikes and will get you Dialed in for Test Rides. Stocking Dealer for Bacchetta, Rans, Ice Trikes, TerraTrike, Lightning Cycle Dynamics, Performer, Cruz Bikes. (971) 337-5685, 3700 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon.
  • The Bike Center – Full service bicycle shop with an emphasis on Recumbent Bicycles from Bachetta, Rans, Catrike, and Sun. St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The Bike Hub – same basic design as half a dozen other sites – seems someone sold them all the same template. Barcchetta, Easy Racers, Rans, Sun. DePere, Wisconsin.
  • The Bike Rack – Click on the Recumbent Link in the navigation bar. Bacchetta, Easy Racers, Trice, Penninger, Greenspeed. St. Charles, Illinois.
  • Utah Trikes – Utah Trikes is a specialty recumbent trike shop located in Spanish Fork, Utah. We are an authorized TerraTrike Custom dealer and carry the full line of WizWheelz TerraTrikes, Big Cat HPV Catrikes, Ice Trice, Greenspeed, and KMX Karts recumbent trikes.
  • Wheelworks – Full service bicycle shop offers Bacchetta, and Sun. 3 shops in Massachusetts – Belmont (2) and Somerville.
  • Wheel & Sprocket – Another full line dealer that carries recumbent bicycles. Bents are listed by wheelbase and represented by Bacchetta, Easy Racer, Rans. Hales Corners, Wisconsin.



  • Pulsar Cycles – Optima, M5, Velocraft, Slyway and others. (No longer in Business 2017)


  • Bike Revolution – Velocraft, ZOX, Steintrikes, HP Velotechnik, Challenge and others.

Note: Because we are USA Based and not multilingual this section is a little “light” on entries.  Please if you know of Dealers in Europe with websites send us the links to their pages so we may ad them.


Still working on this and other countries.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch fighting AGAINST Electric Bicycle Tax Credit

The 78 year old bag of dust is once again running for office and the brain dead people of Utah will vote him back in.

If there was ever an argument for term limits it’s Orrin Hatch.

Hatch was recently quoted as stating in regards to the Senate approving a whopping 10% tax credit for electric bicycles.

“Do we really want to portray ourselves as members of the Finance Committee to drive over the fiscal cliff riding on the back of an electric motorcycle?”


Here is the article from the Detroit News:

August 3, 2012 at 1:00 am
Senate panel passes electric bike credit

* By David Shepardson
* Detroit News Washington Bureau
* Comments

Washington— The Senate Finance Committee approved a $2,500 tax credit for electric bikes and motorcycles — a move that could help spur the EV bike industry.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, introduced the amendment to reinstate the tax break that was approved in 2009 as part of the $800 billion stimulus package, but expired on Jan. 1.

The tax break was necessary with “thousands of jobs on the line” and will cost $15 million over two years, Wyden said.

The bill would end an existing EV tax credit for golf carts that can’t be taken on public highways.

“There’s no reason to have a credit for a golf cart,” Wyden said.

The EV bikes would be eligible for a 10 percent federal tax credit up to a maximum of $2,500.

“This is about good-paying American jobs,” Wyden said. “These jobs are going to go somewhere. … Are they going to be red white and blue jobs or are they going to be developed by our competitors?”

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, questioned the provision and noted that the country faces huge debt and tax issues. If the committee can’t end this tax break, “how can we deal with the bigger issues?”

Hatch added: “Do we really want to portray ourselves as members of the Finance Committee to drive over the fiscal cliff riding on the back of an electric motorcycle?”

Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., said the measure was about supporting U.S. manufacturing and boosting the EV market. “This is one of the real opportunities,” Bingaman said.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, said U.S. manufacturers need the incentive.

About 25 million electric bikes were sold in China last year, compared with fewer than 100,000 in the United States.

Chain Reaction Cycles WARNING

Earlier this year there was a major problem with Credit Card Fraud at Chain Reaction Cycles.

I recently purchased an item from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK, knowing there had been credit card issues I used Paypal.

Well guess what?  Today I got a spam email (A Phishing email) trying to scam me.  And it’s addressed to my Paypal Email account which I have given to no one, but used at Chain Reaction Cycles less than 2 weeks ago.

It’s sad, but apparently these guys are just too big for their own good and can not implement security measures to protect their customers.

Velocity Wheels – Need Rims? Customer Service Online?

A few months back I wrote to Velocity USA asking about wheels.  My inquiry went unanswered.  Why businesses bother to run websites and post email addresses then never respond to them makes little sense to me.  But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one because I know that emails sometimes don’t make it through. In fact I get thousands a week and I’m positive I don’t see them all.  But then again I’m not selling anything.

So a few days ago I was looking at websites again because I’m in the market for a new set of wheels.  I visited VelocityUSA and noticed they have a new online store.

Here is what the Home Page says:

“Get what you want Fast. Visit the New Velocity Online Store.”  below that link is another link for “Dealers Click Here”.

So I clicked the top link and looked around and didn’t find what I needed.

======Here is my exact message=======

I’m looking for a 650C wheel set.  Light and strong under 1500g.

Front 28, Areohead, Sapim CX Ray
Back 32, Areohead OC, Sapim CX Ray

Black Rim… Silver or Black spokes and nipples

Velocity Road Hub front and rear… possible bearing upgrade.  130mm Rear Drop out.

This is for a high racer recumbent with Rim Brakes

Please Advise.


======Here is their reply=======


Are you with a bike shop?

We are a wholesaler, which means we only sell to dealers or other distributors.

Let me know and we will figure something out from there.


I have removed the employees name


So apparently you can’t really buy wheels from Velocity.  Which is okay.  I’ve always run Mavic Rims and Shimano hubs on my Mountain Bikes without a problem.  I’m looking at Chris King, DT Swiss and Phil Wood hubs now.  Sapim CX Ray spokes are probably the best you can buy.  I can get rims anywhere.  Mavic or DT Swiss will be just fine.

The lesson here Velocity is that when you offer RETAIL sales on your home page, maybe you could hire someone who understands that real people actually may try and buy something.