Announcement: Schwalbe Durano Bicycle Tires

Schwalbe Durano Tires Note: Photos of My Schwalbe Durano Tires Below This is less of a review and more of a preview as I have not ridden these tires.  I just purchased  the Schwalbe Durano’s to replace my Specialized Fatboys.  I considered the Continental Ultra Gatorskins, the Specialized All Condition II Pro’s, and Michelin WildRun’R Advance. Why […]

Announcement: Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

Take the Pain out of Mounting Bicycle Tires with the Tire Bead Jack The Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack is an amazingly simple idea put into practice. This is one of those tools that you use once then wonder why you did buy it years ago! I was really amazed at just how easy tires […]

Where to buy Schwalbe Tires in USA for Best Price

Schwalbe Tires – Where to get them for the Best Price Yes this is a Review and not just some off the wall sales pitch based on nothing.  It’s hard to find Schwalbe at a discount price in the United States.  In fact it’s hard to find certain models at all! I’ve purchased Schwalbe tires […]

Plano Toolbox for Bike Tools

Note: Scroll down to see photos of the Plano Toolbox after the article below. For some time I’ve wanted to get a good toolbox for my growing collection of bicycle tools. Years ago I purchased a Plano Tackle box that I’ve used as a toolbox for household repairs. I really like the design and size, […]

Schwalbe Kojak 559 x 50 (26×2) Folding Tire Review

The Schwalbe Kojak Folding 26 x 2.0  bicycle tire (Photos at end of article) has been on my mind for quite some time as the best replacement choice for the rear of my Recumbent Mid Racer in order to smooth out the ride while at the same time keeping the weight down and the rolling […]

Schwalbe Kojak Tires Where to Buy in USA

I asked myself this question several times over the past 2 months as I did search after search online for Schwalbe Kojak Tires that are actually available and in stock. And while I found a few wire bead versions in the size I was looking for 26 x 2.0 the folding version seems to be […]

JensonUSA Sucks – Shipped me Used Parts!!!

UPDATE: AFTER A MONTH AND A DOZEN OR SO EMAILS I FINALLY GOT MY REFUND IN FULL. Until recently I was a long term customer of JensonUSA having made several past purchases without incident.  I am absolutely astounded at what they tried to pull on me, and the way they responded to their con. Instead […]

Avid Brakes Single Digit 7 V Brake Review

I just bought an Avid Single Digit 7 V Brake because I recently upgraded my front fork to allow for a larger diameter wheel and the old Tektro Mini V’s are too short to work properly.  If you are looking for a quality well priced and very effective rim brake for your bicycle then Avid […]

Performance Bike Alta Long Sleve Cycling Jersey Review

Review of the Performance Alta Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey. Sunburn and riding enjoyment are mutually exclusive.  If like me you are the kind of person that quickly tires of lathering up with sunscreen before each ride then this review is for you.  After a lot of online research I arrived at the Performance Bike “Alta” […]

Continental Sport Contact Tire Review

Complete review of my new Continental Sport Contact Tires.  A lot of people who ride recumbent bicycles are choosing to ride 559 road slicks.  The options for quality road slicks in 559 that are lightweight, durable, and provide quality puncture protection are pretty limited.  The Continental Sport Contact 559 x32 which I will be reviewing […]