RideKick Push Trailer

Have you seen the RideKick Electric Push Trailer? If you have or have not you’ll still want to read more of my opinions on what might make or break this product and this company.  RideKick in my opinion is a fantastic idea and a well engineered product (on paper anyways). The concept of pushing one’s […]

About Leaving Comments – Spam is out of control

Due to the very few piece of crap people (Who are NOT part of the Recumbent Community) who think that spamming is marketing, we have had to implement user registration in order to leave comments. These spamming idiots sit around in their mom’s basement jerking off and posting unwanted comments instead of contributing to society. […]

Sticky: Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Electrify Your Recumbent

Update 2014:  I know there are a lot of repeat visitors to the site (I see it in the visitors logs) and I’m sure some of you don’t see the changes “behind the site”… I assure you they are there. For some time I’ve been meaning to update the information here about converting your recumbent […]

Recumbent Bicycle Manufacturers

Who Makes Recumbent Bikes? For Recumbent Trikes use the “Trikes” Tab or this link >>> Recumbent Trikes For many the quest to discover what’s out there will lead directly to recumbent bicycle manufacturer’s sites. Bicycle dealers with experience and broad lines can be few and far between for those of us not fortunate enough to […]