Bike Plans

Build your own Recumbent Bike or Trike

Contribute to this page by submitting links to sites you find that offer information on building recumbent bikes.

  • Steve's Recumbent Bicycle Project - Listed here instead of on the personal sites because of the construction ideas and plans presented. Plus some excellent photographs of the bikes and process as he has built them.

See additional links in comments below.

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3 Responses for “Bike Plans”

  1. jodi rinaldi says:

    hi Steve, is there cost for plans recumbent trike, if not could you send me that plans

    btw, i am from indonesia, i am interesting for building recumbent trike, because not yet at indonesia


  2. Kat says:

    There’s a bike builders forum – recumbents, trikes, tandems, choppers, electric bikes, scooters, etc.

    Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines has plans for DIY bikes:

  3. Rickey Horwitz says:

    Folks- Hellbent Cycle Works offers plans on building high-performance recumbent trikes. In addition, you can download my newly revised ‘Recumbent Trike Design Primer’ absolutely free!!! This document is the bible of recumbent trike design and is a must-read document for anyone interest in building their own.

    So if you are a DIY and demand the best comprehensive plans for a recumbent trike, check out my website at:

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