Avid Brakes Single Digit 7 V Brake Review

I just bought an Avid Single Digit 7 V Brake because I recently upgraded my front fork to allow for a larger diameter wheel and the old Tektro Mini V’s are too short to work properly.  If you are looking for a quality well priced and very effective rim brake for your bicycle then Avid Single Digit 7 should be on your short list.  I’ve never really liked the Mini V’s from Tektro because they are hard to adjust and have cheap springs.

Installation of the Single Digit 7 V Brake

Installation was a breeze because I chose not to replace the old brake cable and housing.  I just unscrewed the old brakes and screwed on the new Avid Brakes.  I did not change the brake levers either as they work just fine.  I did use the supplied brake noodle and the new dust boot cap (another nice improvement over the Mini V Brakes).  I selected the standard middle whole for the spring mechanism and pushed the pads flush with the rims.  I didn’t even have to move any spacers.  I’m running an Mavic 717 and the alignment was near perfect.  I own a Hozan cable puller which makes installation even easier.  Although if I didn’t have it I’m sure it wouldn’t have been much harder.  Installation of these rim brakes couldn’t have gone smoother!

Within 10 minutes I had the Single Digit 7’s installed and adjusted.  The Allen wrench adjustment is in my opinion better than the Phillips screw head adjustment of the Tektro’s I replaced.  Bottom line is these brakes are easy to install and adjust.  And the power – much better!  These are very grippy and make no noise at all.  I did clean the rims before installing, but still noise free brakes are what we are all after.

I considered the Single Digit 5’s, but the price difference wasn’t so great after factoring in the free shipping to make it worth downgrading.  The Single Digit 7’s are a bit lighter and offer a better stock brake pad.  I also couldn’t justify the price of the next step up in the Avid Linear Pull line (SL then Ultimate) to shave just a few grams (20 and 3 grams respectively).

I did read many reviews of the Avid Single Digit 7’s before making my purchase and for years these have been the overwhelming choice for solid, strong, reliable well priced rim brakes.  Bachetta Bikes uses the Single Digit 7’s on some of their bikes.  It’s hard to argue with excellent engineering and quality ergonomics.

To save you the visit to the Avid/SRAM site here are the spec’s:

Weight     185 grams (per wheel)
Caliper Design     Forged
Finish     Graphite Grey
Pad     RW2 Cartridge Pad
Adjustment     Screw Style
Special Features     Stainless Steel hardware, Oversized Linear spring, Aluminum pivot bushings
Compatibility     Mountian style levers

Update:  I liked the Single Digit 7 Brakes so much just ordered another set for the Rear.  Be sure when you order to specify front or rear.  It’s my understanding the bolt lengths are different so you’ll want to be sure they fit correctly.