Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike Review

Here we have a recumbent bike with a different style. The Stamina Conversion II allows you to use it as an exercise bike or rower. You can enjoy multi-functional training to target more body muscles with one piece of equipment. Professionals recommend it for more than just a recumbent bike or rowing machine. A fact is that they said you could utilize the pulley of the cabled bar for shoulder raises and bicep curls as well. So what more has the experts who have used the machine have to say, let us see.


  • Users found the display easy to read and large enough to see the data displayed in most lighting conditions.
  • Trainers found the scan function helpful as it cycles through the workout settings and the data includes calories burned, pulse, distance, time, and speed.
  • Athletes found the construction of the fitness machine exceptional and with the low center of gravity; it keeps the equipment in place when doing intense workouts.
  • The customers love the fold up design and make it fantastic for storage. Further, it comes with casters to make moving it comfortably.
  • While some users found the seat something to get used to, it did get comfortable after using it for a while.
  • Riders found the versatility of using the machine for different exercises a big help to tone various muscles in the body from the chest, arms, to legs.
  • Another trait most users found exceptional was that the machines well packed without any missing parts. Even assembling it was not difficult as all the hardware is in the box.
  • According to different riders, the equipment adjusts easily to accommodate a height of 6.5 feet and works quietly.
  • One more talk about the function is that you do not need batteries or power to use the machine. The only part of the equipment that works with batteries is the display and not included.


  • While the Stamina Conversion II has a digital display, most users found the lack of connectivity to external devices a bummer. Monitoring on the machine is basic and covers only your current statistics.
  • Some customers with huge feet found using it in as a bike their feet bumps into the foothold of the rower.
  • Another complaint is that you will have to buy an HRM strap separate for accurately monitoring your heart rate.

With the Stamina Conversion II, you can benefit from cycling, rowing, and upper body work out. The machines affordable but does not keep track of your fitness levels, and you need to monitor it manually. The fitness machine is a great buy if you need a multifunctional piece of training equipment to use at home.

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Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike

Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Review

The Stamina 1350 recumbent bike does not only have a low price; it is equipped with a reclined seat and gentle resistance. People love the fact that they can sit and watch TV comfortably while working out their lower body. Many riders found the fitness machine comfortable with excellent lumbar support and stability. On the other hand, is this all that the experts have to say. Read the pros and cons and decide for yourself if the exercise bikes made for you.


  • The riders found the frame sturdy and held their weight well up to 250 pounds. They found the seat comfortable for long exercise sessions.
  • Adjusting the tensions done through a knob that is within reach and easy to use according to most customers.
  • The majority of users found the data provided distance, calories burned, and more a big help. You can keep track of your fitness while exercising and toning your muscles.
  • Users found the Stamina `1350 brakes, spin quietly, and give you a smooth transition from one resistance to another.
  • The equipment has a small footprint, and most apartment owners found it does not take up loads of space.
  • When it comes to assembling the bike customers are pleased and got a smooth assembly, but there were minor complaints about the instructions not being clear to follow.
  • Another standout for most beginners is the six workout programs available to start exercising in the comfort of your home. However, you need to remember that once you have reached your goal, the machine has reached its limitations.
  • The majority of athletes found adjusting the equipment to suit their length simple without any problems.


  • Trainers found the resistance light and do not offer enough stamina for a hard workout and suitable for light cardio training.
  • Most athletes found the lack of toe clips for stability a big negative as it helps to keep the feet stable, but the pedals are good and spin smoothly.

The Stamina 1350 is a magnetic recumbent bike that needs no power to operate it but will need a battery for the display to work effectively. The reclined seats comfortable to take long rides and displays your calories burned to help tone your muscles. Furthermore, the training equipment comes highly recommended to do moderate workouts. If you need something with more resistance look at the other recumbent bike reviews available with us.

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Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike Review

For the best, back support while exercising on a bicycle, the Schwinn A20 recumbent bike offers you recline during your workouts. According to home users, the fitness machine gives fantastic back support and cycling on it is easy on the knees as well. Another highlight talked about is the preset workouts with simple screen keeping track of important data. But is this all that user’s love? Let us read on and find out!


  • As with most recumbent bikes the most talked about feature especially older people is the walk-through design. There is no bar for them to climb over causing them to fall.
  • While the equipment offers a weight capacity of 275-pounds, some users weighing more than the limited weight capacity found the frame stable and durable to hold their weight.
  • Home users found the six workout profiles with quick-start manual mode helpful and make for a great entry-level exercise bike.
  • The fact that you can keep track of calories burned, time goals, distance and more is a highlight with most users.
  • Evaluated against most supplementary fitness machines the Schwinn A20 has a HRM (heart rate monitor) incorporated into the console? Most users found using it more accurate than the ones made available on the handlebars.
  • The majority of trainers found the eight levels of magnetic resistance smooth and runs quietly with each transition made.
  • Other traits loved by customers are the included water bottle holder, sound system, and the media tray to hold different devices. They can listen to music while cycling at high speed.
  • Most home users found assembling the equipment easy and the coverage of a year on the frame and mechanical parts a big help.


  • While the fitness machine does work with batteries, you can use it with an adapter sold separately. The problem is the power cord is short and limits the placement options.

For the low-stress workout, the Schwinn A20 comes highly recommended by different people. The weight capacity is not as big as other bikes found in the price range and accommodates people standing 6.4-feet tall. The machine will help keep you toned and give you a low-impact cardiovascular workout. The six workout programs are great for any beginner to use. If you do not have high expectations and need little power, consider buying the recumbent bike you will not be disappointed.

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

For one of Schwinn’s top recumbent bikes, the 270 model with reclined positions is one of the best. There are 29 preset workout programs with several exercises and two fitness tests with HRM. Another highlight for most home users is the outstanding two-year warranty, and electrical adaptor included. Nevertheless, is this all that athletes found helpful on the exercise bike – let us see.


  • The recumbent bike has a walk-through design that older people recommend for any user. The fact that there is no restricting bar and the bikes low to the ground as well is perfect.
  • One of the most important features mentioned by athletes is the comfortable seat and provides ample lumbar support with airflow to keep them cool.
  • Another highlight is the center support for stability and most users with a weight capacity up to 300-pounds found using the bike stable and easy.
  • Professionals said the resistance of 25 levels offers enough power to do different workouts and the fact that it has four profiles welcomed by large families.
  • Experts found the data transfer using the USB drive and connecting to the Schwinn site helpful. They can upload their data and use it with the MyFitnessPal app.
  • Trainers love the 29 program modes with 12 profile workout and heart rate control exercises fantastic. They said that the recumbent bike is suitable for the beginner to the advanced user to use.
  • Other features loved by the customers are the water bottle holder, accessory tray, and three-speed fan.
  • The majority of users found the Schwinn 270 has a nice acoustic system to use with MP3.
  • Furthermore, the experts like the wireless and grip heart rate monitor a nice touch but do not include the chest strap for wireless use.


  • A big complaint came from tall people complaining they could not extend their legs.
  • There were minor issues mentioned by athletes that the manual monitor is not good, but luckily you still have the wireless pulse monitoring available.

The fact that the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike offers multiple user profiles with a low-impact design makes it a family exercise bike loved by all. Do you need an efficient cardio workout? You will love this fitness machine but more suitable for users standing 6-feet tall. The equipment you can buy at an affordable price and will help to maintain your fitness goals and makes for a sensible buy.

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Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

For a feature-rich bike to exercise at home, you can look at the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike. The price is affordable and has 22 preset workout programs with speakers, HRM, and more. A family of two can use the machine each with their profiles as it has two user profile settings. Is it the right exercise bike for you? Here is what the experts say!


  • As it is a recumbent bike, the majority of older people and partly disabled users found the step-through frame a big help. They found getting on and off comfortable without a restricting bar.
  • Most home users found the weight capacity of 300 lbs ideal and suitable for all and the frames durable with the center support keeping the bike stable in use.
  • Trainers found the equipment offered enough workout and profile programs for the beginner to advanced user and can save up to two programs at the same time. Alternatively, you can also use it in manual mode if preferred.
  • Professionals love the USB data transfer available and found the fitness tracking accurate using it with MyFitnessPal.
  • As mentioned previously two users can cycle on the bike with the two profiles available, but one thing that stands out with customers is the easy adjustment accommodating different heights.
  • Most disabled users found the grip heart rate monitor on the handlebar a big help and easy to reach.
  • From beginners to advanced users found the resistance quiet and smooth as it transitions between the twenty levels.
  • Another beneficial function loved by all athletes is the three-speed fan you can turn off and on as needed.
  • The fact that home users can charge their mobile devices while exercising is on every person’s lips. They can listen to their music and make sure their phones charged and ready to use.


  • Advanced users found the flywheel light and only give a certain amount of resistance.
  • Riders complained the seats uncomfortable, needed more cushioning, and wobble over time.
  • According to users, the manual pulse monitor does not work accurately enough.
  • Further, tall people found using the bike uncomfortable, as they could not extend their legs enough.

For a light cardio workout, the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike comes highly recommended by riders. The equipment suitable for 6-feet tall users and offers a lot of programming, but lacks a heavier flywheel. Check it out today or compare it with our other exercise bikes reviewed such as the Schwinn 270 model.

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Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT Recumbent Bike Review

For a recumbent bike with automatic resistance, the Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT comes at an affordable price. Further, you get Bluetooth connectivity with impressive weight capacity and ergonomic factors. According to the majority of athletes, you get a versatile exercise bike with 21 pre-set programs, 16 levels of resistance and goal settings. However, is this all that the bike has to offer, let us find out what the experts have to say.


  • With the weight capacity of 310 lbs, users found the recumbent bike accommodates most users. They found the frame, console durable, and found the small storage space helpful to hold a water bottle.
  • Older people found the assembly of the bike straightforward and the front transport wheels a great help for storing.
  • The step-through frame comes highly recommended by older people and makes getting on and off a breeze.
  • According to home users, the adjustable seat with rear stabilizers is outstanding and keeps the bike secure.
  • Most users found the EKG sensor built into the seat handlebars helpful to track their heart rate.
  • The fact that it has automatic magnetic resistance with 16 settings, 21 workout programs, and two user profiles is fantastic to give a variety of workouts best suited for their needs.
  • Athletes found the transition from one resistance to another smooth and silent.
  • The majority of users found the LCD easy to read and the fact that it has a LED backlight makes using it in different lighting conditions easier.
  • Customers found the included tablet holder and Bluetooth enabled console helpful to keep track of their data via the MyFitQuest4 app.
  • The majority of users loves the included bottle holder and found assembling the bike simple.
  • Professional athletes found the three-goal settings helpful to reach their objective reminding them to keep working out.


  • While the Exerpeutic is not large, it remains huge for small rooms and apartments according to most users.
  • Athletes would have liked to have a USB port to charge devices while working out.
  • Some customers would have liked to have a reclining function for the backrest.
  • Furthermore, as you can only control the resistance from the console the exercise bike needs a power point to work.

Do you need a light to intermediate cardio workout or stamina development? The Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT is the one you need. There are minor concerns from not having a USB port, no reclining feature, or the fact that it does not fit into small rooms, it remains one of the best recumbent bikes available online. You can keep track of your fitness levels, and with the workout programs, you can easily reach your goal.

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Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

For a recumbent bike at a excellent price point, the Exerpeutic 4000 model fits in with most budgets. You get some amazing features found on top of the line bikes. The majority of users found it quiet with a smooth ride. Further, it accommodates most people with the max user weight of 325 lbs. However, is this all that stands out with athletes when used. Let us find out!


  • A standout trait for most users is the console that comes with seven different types of training styles. The fact that it is pre-loaded with twelve workouts makes your exercise enjoyable.

  • Another, highlight athletes mentioned is that they could download their data to keep track of their performance and not found in most mid-recumbent bikes.

  • Home users found the 24 magnetic resistance levels a pleasure to use with a smooth transition. You can set them electronically through the panel and gives an intense workout.

  • Customers found assembling the exercise bike easy with a sturdy design and comfortable.

  • The fact that you can connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth is amazing, and all the trainers found the app accurate for tracking their workout and most of the apps are free.

  • Furthermore, Exerpeutic has a fantastic customer service and warranty of one year on the frame and 90-days on the parts. One client had problems with the backlight on the computer, and the customer service helped within days with a replacement.

  • Professional users found the heart rate monitoring available through the handle grips accurate when used.

  • The pedal designs large, and customers found them comfortable and fit most sized feet.

  • Alternatively, other athletes found the adjustable gel pad a nice feature to protect and hold different sized devices.

  • Older people found the transport wheels for mobility a great help when in need of moving the bike.

  • Another excellent feature most trainers found helpful is the four user profiles to store information making it able for more than one person to use.


  • Some users found the comfort level lacking and the seat wobbles at speeds greater than 12 miles per hour.

  • One more complaint is that most people standing 5-feet tall finds it difficult to adjust the seat so best to test-drive before buying.

With the twelve-programmed workouts with heart rate monitoring, the Exerpeutic 4000 is a fantastic recumbent bike at an affordable price point. The fact that you can use it with your mobile device to keep track of your goals is a fantastic feature to have. The biggest gripe is the comfort and the fact that smaller people may find it difficult to adjust the seat. We recommend you first test-drive it before purchasing.

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efitment magnetic

EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

The RB034 recumbent bike from EFITMENT is an affordable trainer with loads of features making it an above average model. The fitness machine comes well rated so far by many professional home users. Some of the talked about functions is the adjustable seat, console, amenities, and outstanding warranty, but is this all. To find out if the equipment made for you read on and see the pros and cons associated with the EFITMENT RB034 magnetic recumbent bike here.


  • Elderly users found the entry, exit of the recumbent bike helpful, and are decent looking to fit in with any decor. The bottle holder is in reach according to most users.
  • While the machine is heavy and comes partially assembled the majority of customers found moving it comfortably with the transport wheels, even the rear base can rotate for better stability.
  • Older people found the lever-based adjustment simple to use, but it would have been nice if the backrest adjusted separately.
  • Users found the pulse sensors on the handlebar helpful, and the fact that it has an internal belt drive system is great. They found it works quietly and you can pedal in reverse.
  • Customers found the straps on the pedals adjust quickly and accommodates different foot sizes.
  • Athletes found the magnetic resistance system excellent as it integrates a mechanical brake with manual action and needs now power circuit. Further, it has eight resistance levels adjustable with a tension knob.
  • A talked about accessory all customers love is the tablet holder, but once you place the device in it, you cannot see the console.


  • The fitness machine does not offer enough resistance for advanced users as the eight levels are suitable for light to medium workout.
  • While the console is LCD to track speed, pulse, calories, and more users complained it is not telemetric and they could not track their pulse via Polar HR chest strap or ANT.
  • Furthermore, riders objected to it that it does not come with preset programs or online capabilities. You do get goal setting and can select a value for the metrics available.

The RB034 recumbent bikes made for the home and you can get a light to medium workout using it. The features are basic and offer ample adjustment for the seat to accommodate different heights. Furthermore, you can set your goals and the constructions durable to accommodate up to 300 pounds. The trainer is affordable if you want to start cycling at home.

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ProGear 555LXT Recumbent Bike

ProGear 555LXT Recumbent Bike Review

For many home users, a recumbent bike can take up space compared to your traditional upright bicycle. However, one of the most talked about exercise bikes that take up little space and comes at an affordable price is the ProGear 555LXT. The biggest complaint is the weight load of 250 pounds compared to other brands, but is this all or is there more to this workout bike?


  • A standout for most users who bought the product in 2016 and still using it is the durable steel construction. Some consumers still have theirs, and it still looks brand new;
  • Older people found the step-through design comfortable and come with soft grip handles;
  • For many athletes, the seat is comfortable and adjustable according to their heights. Even the pedal is oversized and comes with secure foot straps;
  • While adding a bottle and tablet holder gives it a nice touch, the majority of users loves the gesture and appreciates it;
  • Another standout for professional trainers is the lightweight construction with wheels for moving it around;
  • Compared to other cheaply made exercise bikes gym users found the 14 levels of magnetic tension a big help when using it at home;
  • With the price tag, most cyclists found the programmable computer helpful with an easy to read display;
  • The majority of consumers found there was no need for significant assembling as the hardware’s attached to the bike parts;
  • Measuring it up to other workout bikes, professional users found using it while watching TV comfortably and make no noise to disturb the neighbors.


  • One thing most home users found is if you are over 6.3 feet or shorter than 5 feet you will have difficulty using the recumbent bike;
  • Another negative athlete’s found was the lack of monitoring their pulse, as there are no sensors available on the model and you cannot keep record of your workouts and needs to be done manually.

Do you need an entry-level bike with a computerized fitness tracker, noiseless use and small footprint, pick the ProGear 555LXT. The faults mentioned by professional users are limited, and the pros outweigh the cons by far. You can enjoy comfortable operation with a smooth transition and use with the recumbent bike.

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Nautilus R618 Exercise Bike

Nautilus R618 Exercise Bike Review

Compared to the Nautilus R616 the R618 offers you a load of features not available in the older version. Some standout features are the reclining backrest and resistance control handlebars. The most talked about characteristic is the gel cushioning and user-friendly interface. Further, people like the fact that they can use it with the Nautilus Trainer 2 App, but is there more to this bike. Let us see and find out.


  • Disability users found the step-through frame simple to use and the seats easily adjustable;
  • The majority of consumers found the seat comfortable, and the backrest is angle adjustable offering different positions to make you feel relaxed. Further, they found the ventilated back outstanding and the seats made with a gel construction;
  • The two sets of handlebars is another talked about feature as the ones attached to the seat comes with pulse sensors and resistance controls available at your fingertips;
  • Cyclists found the 25 resistance settings outstanding and sturdy for even the professional biker to give you the best workout you need. Another, fantastic thing they like is the 29 workout programs included with quick access incline buttons;
  • Furthermore, most home users found the digital console straightforward to use with everything you need to track your progress. Alternatively, you can use it with a wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring. To top it all, you get one included with the purchase;
  • Athletes found the USB port a great help to charge their mobile devices while listening to music;
  • Other home consumers found the built-in fan a nice touch, especially on warm days;
  • One of the most talked about features that all clients love is the excellent warranty offered;
  • Compared to most other recumbent bikes users found that little bit of extra weight capacity of 350 pounds a big help.


  • The weight of the frame according to some users is a bit troublesome when assembling, but the two transport wheels make up for it when you need to transport it. There is also a handle on the rear base for ease of lifting;
  • Another notable thing mentioned by professional users is the large footprint and not made for apartment use unless you do have space;
  • Compared to other self-generating powered bikes the biggest complaint from users is that it needs a power supply and comes with an AC power adapter included.

The Nautilus R618 is not one of the most affordable exercise bikes but offers you a load of fantastic features. With the 25 levels of resistance, you can tackle any workout from light to hard. You can make sure you get the right calisthenics to keep you healthy and fit at the same time in the comfort of your home.

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