Announcement: Schwalbe Durano Bicycle Tires

Schwalbe Durano Tires Note: Photos of My Schwalbe Durano Tires Below This is less of a review and more of a preview as I have not ridden these tires.  I just purchased  the Schwalbe Durano’s to replace my Specialized Fatboys.  I considered the Continental Ultra Gatorskins, the Specialized All Condition II Pro’s, and Michelin WildRun’R Advance. Why […]

Announcement: Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

Take the Pain out of Mounting Bicycle Tires with the Tire Bead Jack The Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack is an amazingly simple idea put into practice. This is one of those tools that you use once then wonder why you did buy it years ago! I was really amazed at just how easy tires […]

Recumbent Bicycle Source January 2018 Update

15 years or thereabouts I’ve been running this site. In that time I’ve seen a lot come and go. And while I’d love to redesign, update, change, and make this site more than it is… I do not forsee that happening. However please know I actively monitor email and do regular maintenance on this site. […]

Rose City Recumbent Bikes Trikes Portland Oregon In Store Visit

Rose City Recumbent Cycles Portland Or In Store Visit Thought I’d write a short note about my recent visit to Rose City Recumbent Cycles  in Portland OR on Powell Blvd. I’ve never been there before, but I called ahead a few days prior to my visit to see what they had in Stock. I talked […]

M5 Bike Seat Bracket Sheared Off

M5 Ti ShockProof Bike Troubles This one is a head scratcher.  I was riding the other day and felt the seat just drop.  Fortunately no accident.  I stopped and lifted up the seat cushion thinking maybe I just needed to tighten the screws (A recurring problem due to location and vibration).  Unfortunately I was not […]

Feb 2016 RBS Update

Time is the one commodity I seem to have less and less.  I do take a little time to keep up with what’s happening, but honestly it’s not a huge priority with so much on my plate. I keep the site as up to date as time allows checking the email and visiting the site […]

Sept 2015 RBS Update

Doesn’t seem to be a lot going on in terms of Manufacturer Growth or Distribution. The same companies still in business seem to be hanging on but not seeing Growth in the USA.  The Trike Dealers and Manufacturers are doing better than the bike makers. Please Note I DO I DO I DO want to […]

Keeping up to speed with Recumbents in 2014

Unfortunately the powers that be that dictate what happens online (i.e. Google and Microsoft) in the United States are so concerned with their own bottom lines that they completely disregard the real power of the internet – building a better planet. Recumbent Bikes are fun, efficient, and very GREEN!  What is not green is the […]

Where to buy Schwalbe Tires in USA for Best Price

Schwalbe Tires – Where to get them for the Best Price Yes this is a Review and not just some off the wall sales pitch based on nothing.  It’s hard to find Schwalbe at a discount price in the United States.  In fact it’s hard to find certain models at all! I’ve purchased Schwalbe tires […]

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch fighting AGAINST Electric Bicycle Tax Credit

The 78 year old bag of dust is once again running for office and the brain dead people of Utah will vote him back in. If there was ever an argument for term limits it’s Orrin Hatch. Hatch was recently quoted as stating in regards to the Senate approving a whopping 10% tax credit for electric bicycles. […]