About Leaving Comments – Spam is out of control

Due to the very few piece of crap people (Who are NOT part of the Recumbent Community) who think that spamming is marketing, we have had to implement user registration in order to leave comments. These spamming idiots sit around in their mom's basement jerking off and posting unwanted comments instead of contributing to society. These truly pathetic people have made it impossible for us to leave commenting open without registration.

We would prefer to leave comments open and as easy as possible, but we simply do not have the time to keep up with the onslaught of spam.

We could care less about your registration information, we don't send emails to anyone who registers.

Sad this is the state of the Internet. For every 99 decent people, there is one jerk that just ruins it for all.

If you'd like to contact us it's best just to use the contact form and send email.

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