Recumbent Bicycle Source

RBS is an open community… we invite all Cyclists to participate in the Recumbent Evolution!

I ride a recumbent and want to spread the news to those who do not.  Recumbent Bikes make cycling a safer and more enjoyable experience.

The Recumbent Bicycle Source is NOT run by a Bicycle Company, Dealer, or Manufacturer. Everyone with an opinion and or a good site is welcome.  We welcome Dealers, Manufacturers, and Riders to enjoy and participate.

Recumbent Bicycle Source is an Enthusiasts site whose original intent was to index all the available Bicycle Resources in one convenient easy to use place. This is an ongoing project.

This site is NOT FUNDED BY CORPORATE ADVERTISING dollars, so there is no reason for us to include or exclude anyone on the basis of money. No hidden agenda.


After a lifetime of riding conventional bicycles I began to develop problems with my spine. So I began to look for alternatives so I could continue to ride.  During my search I found there were so few recumbent bike resources online.  And when I did find a site, dealer, manufacturer I began to build a list.

I figured if I had so much difficulty finding information on  recument bikes there must be others having this same difficulty.  So the quest to index as many sites as possible began.


There is not charge to be listed on any of the pages here… you just have to have a relevant site that would be of interest to the community.  Let us know about your site by sending us a note using the Contact Tab at the top of the page.

You may submit links, articles, etc.  However because this is a hobbiest site, and I actually have a real job there isn’t time for me to maintain and events calandar.