Velocity Wheels – Need Rims? Customer Service Online?

A few months back I wrote to Velocity USA asking about wheels.  My inquiry went unanswered.  Why businesses bother to run websites and post email addresses then never respond to them makes little sense to me.  But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one because I know that emails sometimes don’t […]

JensonUSA Pricepoint Tree Fort Bikes Amazon eBikestop Cheapest Bike Parts

Update:  I bought some Avid Brakes from JensonUSA in July – they shipped me used/repackaged brakes and tried to pass them off as new.  That’s just pathetic.  They will never see another dollar from me. Which Bike Store Has the Cheapest Bike Parts? Don’t we all really want to know where to buy the parts […]

Tire Sizes and Wheel Size 650C vs 26″ (571mm vs 559mm)

This article will open your eyes to the problems/solutions for switching/selecting 650C Road Bike Wheels & Tires vs 559mm 26″ Mountain Bicycle Wheels & Tires. In the world of Rode Bikes you’ll find dozens of opinion based articles around the issue of Road Bike 700C vs 650C wheels. These articles primarily focus on the benefits […]

Buying Bicycle Parts Online – the Recumbent Experience

I’m getting the Recumbent Bike of mine ready for spring. I itching to get out and ride but it’s still just a bit cold. So I’m evaluating the upgrades I want to do to my bike – new wheels, crank set, brakes, etc. Then I’m putting those upgrades in line with my own economic reality […]