Recumbent Bicycle Tires

Recumbent Bike Tire Selection Selecting the “right” tire for your recumbent bicycle or trike is essential. Don’t overlook the importance of tires! Tires are your point of contact with the road. The right tire not only helps you roll smoother and faster, but also keeps you from spilling under various weather conditions. Furthermore the right […]

About Leaving Comments – Spam is out of control

Due to the very few piece of crap people (Who are NOT part of the Recumbent Community) who think that spamming is marketing, we have had to implement user registration in order to leave comments. These spamming idiots sit around in their mom’s basement jerking off and posting unwanted comments instead of contributing to society. […]

Bionx Electric Assist Wheelset

I am republishing this from Epinions as it is one of the most honest reviews I have come across about the Bionx Electric Conversion Wheel Sets. To be honest I have considered adding one to my Recumbent to make riding more enjoyable as there are so many hills to climb here. However what has prevented […]