M5 Shockproof Ti 559

Review: New M5 Shockproof Ti 559! Original Date of Review: July 19, 2004 Shockproof Ti 559 Photographs on bottom of this page. As much as I would like it to be lighter and a better climber I still stand by my statements that the construction is top notch. This bike is exceptionally well built (but you […]

Recumbent Community Talk : Bike Forums

Recumbent Bicycle Community Forums You can add to this Recumbent Forums list by sending me information on active forums not already listed, including forums in Europe and other parts of the world. Sure this site is in English, but I have no problem posting links to sites in other languages. BentRider Online Forums – Probably […]

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Classifieds for Exercise Bikes & Equipment Our site Recumbent Bicycle Source is really about Bikes you ride on the streets and paths, but somehow the Stationary Exercise Bikes always get mixed into search results and a lot of people end up her at the site when they are actually looking for Stationary Exercise Bikes.  So […]

Recumbent Bikes & Trikes for Sale

Classifieds for Recumbent Bikes and Trikes Popular Bicycle Classifieds (See Below for Ebay Listings) Link Source 1:  Hostel Shoppe Recumbent Bicycle Classifieds (Update 2014:  It appears HS has stopped offering this service, probably just too much hassle… sorry). Link Source 2:  Bent Rider Online Classifieds There are other sources but so many of the ads […]

Magazines and News

Recumbent Bicycle Resources; Keep up-to-date on the Industry. I thought about putting this list in alphabetical order so it would look “pretty”, then I thought “no” it should be in order of priority based on what is popular.  Then I decided, a page like this should just exist in random order for those with the […]

Recumbent Tricycles

Who makes Recumbent Trikes? Note: You may want to visit the Bike Manufactures page as well, as some make both and this page is primarily listings for Trike Companies. Cat Trike – aka Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles, LLC. In 2013 CatTrike introduced a new rear suspension “Road” model which is very tempting at it’s […]

Parts and Wheels

Where to find Parts & Wheelsets for Your Recumbent List of Parts and Wheel manufacturers Aero Spoke Wheels – Aerospoke is one of the most recognized and respected names in composite wheels Alex Rims – manufacturer of bicycle rims. Bontrager Wheel Works – They are not built for recumbent bikes, but I ride these on […]

Recumbent Bicycle Manufacturers

Who Makes Recumbent Bikes? For Recumbent Trikes use the “Trikes” Tab or this link >>> Recumbent Trikes For many the quest to discover what’s out there will lead directly to recumbent bicycle manufacturer’s sites. Bicycle dealers with experience and broad lines can be few and far between for those of us not fortunate enough to […]

Recumbent Bicycle Dealers

Recumbent Bicycle Dealers (Trike Dealers too!) Recumbent Bicycle dealers are listed Alphabetically – Geographical location is noted in description. Unfortunately here in the United States (Where I’m based) recumbent dealers are few and far between. So it may not be easy to schedule a “test ride”. In fact your nearest dealer may be hundreds of […]